Tracks not listed on the official tracklist

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What about unlisted tracks, that do not appear in the official track list for the disc?

Misc information on tracklists

It’s another topic but we unanimously credit its name when known by another way.


Is there anything unclear about Style/Unknown and untitled/Special purpose track title?


Strange that it does not say to type the recording title and version when they are known.
It treats the not listed not known but does not say about not listed but known.
Maybe because it is obvious to most people to then fill it in.
At least I have never come across another point of view yet.
It is good to limit guidelines to case that are not obvious…


Like this?

If the artist gives the track a name somewhere else (for example, in his website) that name should be used instead of [unknown]. If the title of a track added as [unknown] is given at a later point, the [unknown] title should be updated. If the track is confirmed to have no title, it should be changed to [untitled].

From the guideline I linked to above.


Woohoo, thanks, great. I simply didn’t see that point. :smiley_cat:


I came across something similar this weekend.
TL;DR: I did not add tracks present on the physical medium because they’re not listed on the track listing.

This release has a special DVD with music videos. The DVD has some titles with the 2nd being the main feature. Each title has chapters, wich are the tracks. Each music track is preceded by a track with a spoken introduction. The DVD can be played with and without introduction tracks on a DVD player.

Now to the similarity: If loaded into a ripper, the DVD actually has two more chapters, one at the beginning and one at the end. I considered adding them, but they’re very short. The first is a 11 second intro fanfare the last is actually just zero seconds long.

DVD: Blank trailing chapters
DVD: Blank trailing chapters

— / —

DVD are made of TITLEs which are then made of CHAPTERs but when you say title, I think you mean it in the musical sense: each tune, right?

If you have physical MC chapters introducing the following tune chapter, you should include them separately (I see them MC + tune on same track in the current tracklist).

— / —

I have created a diverging topic for the trailing chapter as it seems quite systematic.

About the heading chapter, if it is played in the same stream (TITLE) when looking at it with your regular DVD player (why mentionning a ripper?) and is available in the navigation (PREV., NEXT), then it must appear in our tracklist (find a name or call it [unknown], etc.).



Pretty clear to me, but… link to cover is 404 :cry: I’d like to see the cover…
"A clear example of the use of [Unofficial Name] is Aphex Twin’s Selected Ambient Works Volume II, that has no titles on the cover, but images. "


What if the track is a VERY well-known piece (the example I’m thinking of is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer).


IMO, we can set it.
I don’t know your example though.


I’m guessing because you’re not from the US? :slightly_smiling:

Okay, so how do we then indicate to someone who has an album in hand (or maybe is looking at it from some other source) and doesn’t know yet there’s a hidden track that the album they see that says 12 tracks is the same album that has 13 tracks on Musicbrainz?


When they lookup (TOC/Disc ID) they find the correct MB release.
The fact that this or that track is uncredited on the package can be told in the release annotation, first thing one sees on the page. :slight_smile:
Like when we fix stuff compared with printed stuff, it’s good to tell too in that place.


Then it isn’t [unknown], though I’d probably still use braces until a verification for what the artist calls it has been found, ie., “[Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer]”. The artist may be referring to it as “Rudolph” or “The Red-Nosed Reindeer” or some other variation (though this seems to be a fairly consistently named recording, based on the information on that Work, other “VERY well-known piece[s]” may be less consistent).


Maybe you know it as this:


Thanks @Freso, good catch. :slight_smile:
But, well… it may not be famous in French, I don’t know it either.


It isn’t particularly well-known in Germany, either (but not completely unheard of).


Firstly, sorry if this community would rather not bump old threads. I’m just guessing that it’s more important to keep topics together than worry about bumping.

chirlu, I would suggest a clarification in the documentation: if a track consists of two recordings, but the track’s listed name doesn’t include both recordings’ names, do we still enter both recordings’ names in the medium’s track list?

As you quoted, the guidelines say, “If the artist gives the track a name somewhere else” but jesus2099 was asking about the recording title, not necessarily the track title.

If the guideline really means to leave the track title alone regardless of what songs are on the track, I’d suggest a sentence saying so.


I have the same question as @volkris.

Here is an example: My Head Is an Animal.

The last track (Yellow Light) has a hidden song at the end (Sinking Man). The track title printed on the cover art is just “Yellow Light”. What should we do here? Track title “Yellow Light” and recording title “Yellow Light / Sinking Man”?


Using “Yellow Light / Sinking Man” as the title would be correct.