DVD: Blank trailing chapters

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Why mentioning a ripper? Isn’t the leading track played in regular DVD players?
If it is, please include it in the tracklist (either find a title or as “[untitled]”).

But about the blank trailing chapter.
A DVD has several titles.
Almost all DVD titles contain a blank trailing chapter.
The purpose of this few seconds chapter is to give calm time to the viewer before going back to the noisy flashing DVD menu.
When the chapter is 0 seconds long, it’s purpose can be to set/reset/unset DVD variables or any other branching stuff.

☞ DVD trailing blank chapters are just a technical stuff, we should not include those chapters in our tracklists nor we should append their length to the last real chapter length.

I actually did check and it is played before the first introduction. It’s a Lucas Film Ltd. logo followed by Sony Classical followed by some video with a heavily edited star wars fanfare. Will add it as you mentioned.

Interesting. Was wondering why HandBrake would show “title 2” with 34 chapters and VLC “title 2” and “title 3” with 18 chapters each.

Sorry, this bit was meant for the older topic.
I am quite experimenting with topic splitting, not a pro yet. :crying_cat_face:

It seems that one or both of your soft‐wares is filtering or remapping stuff for convenience.
Try DVD Decrypter, it is bit harder to use but is usually faithful about its display. And I use DVD Decrypter to easily split‐audio‐rip concerts BTW.

I believe the main purpose of this is to allow the DVD player to skip “next chapter” when you’re already on the last chapter.

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Well, NEXT is simply inactivated on last chapter usually, if the authoring is cleverly done.
We don’t need chapter tricks to do this, DVD authoring allows anything, AFAIK (I have authored some.amateur DVD). :slight_smile:

Most DVDs I have seen allow you to skip next and then will take you to the menu – very few disable the next button.

Anyway, it is entirely possible that I am wrong. It’s been known to happen.


Oh, and then going to the menu, as the menu is not a title, is done by authoring, is not the natural next.
In the after zone of the last chapter, the code says to jump to menu, so TADA you’re exactly right about the role of this trailing chapter! :bow:

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