Hidden tracks, again

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but I’m still not sure how to best handle the specific case I’m looking at. The track is listed as “First Death in the Family” on the back cover, and this constitutes the only place where tracks are listed on the release. However, the recording contains a hidden track (“Dead cities Reprise”, separated from the main track by some amount of silence). The question is how to best represent that information in MusicBrainz, given the desire to both honor artist intent and maximize information content. The hidden track is not completely hidden, as it is mentioned in the liner notes.

More details in the edit notes. Opinions?

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Leaving off the second title feels like the correct choice, esp. since the fact that the tracks contains two different “songs” is already properly indicated by the unambigous “recording of” relationships.

I’d probably include the second title in the recording title, but might drop it from the track title if unlisted on this specific release.

I still maintain the position that we should continue to list hidden tracks in the track listings, for all the reasons I’ve written in:

My main argument is still that there are, depending on the medium being used, different ways to have “hidden tracks” on a release. But according to the previous discussions only for a single specific case, the hidden track as part of another CD track, it should get not listed. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Also I think MB should list the full contents of a release.

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I would have kept the track title as First Death in the Family / Dead Cities Reprise.
Some editions might not have this hidden track or may have it as its own next track.

It’s more clear, informative and useful that each edition shows what it is.

Example of variations where it shows how uselessly cryptic it would become without showing known hidden track (Oceans):


I usually credit the hidden song in brackets like: Credited Song / [Uncredited Song]


OK, thanks all! Seems to be a pretty even split.

Since there is no clear consensus, I’ll keep the hidden track in title.