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The script to update massively the comments on recordings from a release is no more working.
Could you confirm if it happens to other people? It could be linked to last update with the change on loading release page.



Me too. Lots of broken and wobbly scripts at the moment caused by major changes in the way a webpage is written and displayed. Am especially missing the Mass Comments button for adding ETI to gigs.


It’s still working for me most of the time at the moment. However, on some releases it’s not showing up. The mass recording merge is completely broken now as of the new changes to MB. It’s a known new issue and is trying to be resolved.

Yes, you can still try to reload the MB release page when you need to use a release userscript that does not work correctly (like my INLINE STUFF and @Bitmap’s set recording comments).
It depends if the script is run too fast (before some MB tracklist page redraw that break it) or slow enough to run without trouble.

MASS MERGE is fixed, except for releases with many tracks (new track paging system).


Thanks a lot
Any timeline for the other scripts or it will be: “Done when it s done” :slight_smile:

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Finally, I have taken over the initiative (again) to fix this userscript, which was surprisingly easy, and have submitted a PR:

I would appreciate it if some users could test the new version with different browser / userscript manager setups to verify that this is not only working for me and my (Violent)monkey :wink:


If I could work out what to install I’d give it a run around… can I get a linky for us non-gits and I’ll attempt to break if for you. Pressed loads of buttons and worked it out. Will let you know if I break it.

Edited to add: Button is back!! Woo!! and Yay!! Happily appears on a 1CD or a 10CD album without care. Quick tested a few disambigs to see if it works. Nothing exploded. Happy on Vivaldi \ Violent Monkey \ Windows.


It still doesn’t work on a 10 disc album. The mediums that are dynamically loaded will never receive comment text boxes.

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I did the test changes on a four disc album. It was more the fact the button appeared and stayed on screen was the key on the 10CD album. So no regression.

Just had a quick look and seems working as before.
Will test more when will make some edits.

Regarding the problem of multiple CDs there could have a a workaround by trying to make it work when loading directly a specific medium from a release: Release “Classic Chu Berry Columbia and Victor Sessions” by Chu Berry - MusicBrainz

The fix has been merged this weekend and since there have been no complaints about issues with other browser setups, I would consider this as solved for “normal releases”.

Regarding the usage for medium 11+ on bigger releases I am not even sure if this had ever worked (or I never needed this script for such a medium which is collapsed by default). The trick @ulugabi mentioned should help in these cases, right now every(?) userscript which I am using seems to struggle with these dynamically loaded mediums and a thorough fix would require more work.


I use Tampermonkey on Edge and moved this script to run last and I still have to reload the page on every release page even on singles.

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