Script set-recording-comments.user.js

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The script to update massively the comments on recordings from a release is no more working.
Could you confirm if it happens to other people? It could be linked to last update with the change on loading release page.



Me too. Lots of broken and wobbly scripts at the moment caused by major changes in the way a webpage is written and displayed. Am especially missing the Mass Comments button for adding ETI to gigs.


It’s still working for me most of the time at the moment. However, on some releases it’s not showing up. The mass recording merge is completely broken now as of the new changes to MB. It’s a known new issue and is trying to be resolved.

Yes, you can still try to reload the MB release page when you need to use a release userscript that does not work correctly (like my INLINE STUFF and @Bitmap’s set recording comments).
It depends if the script is run too fast (before some MB tracklist page redraw that break it) or slow enough to run without trouble.

MASS MERGE is fixed, except for releases with many tracks (new track paging system).


Thanks a lot
Any timeline for the other scripts or it will be: “Done when it s done” :slight_smile:

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