Merge duplicate recordings between two editions of the same album with “mb. MASS MERGE RECORDINGS”

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Something must have changed in MBS and I must update the script.
I will check next time I need a merge.

I tested on and it worked, there.

You can try reloading the page.
Maybe it’s just a random glitch.

Or it’s a bug with a specific release?


Iceraven, Violentmonkey

I did test on MBS now I see what you mean.
Merges are done, but it displays strange errors like Did not merge and Did not queue.
I’ll check that.

No troubles on, Vivaldi, Violent Monkey. Been hitting some large ones too which have involved merging into huge 23 disc boxsets. Running smooth (and another thank you for such a time saving tool)

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There was a bug.
I have just fixed it now with version 2021.2.1 that should come soon in your browsers. :wink:

As I said, the merges were still queued but the script thought there was an error.
So it checked each and every merges, leading to more requests and slower overall process.


thank you, i updated it to the latest version (respect for running it on your phone btw)

unfortunately it still didn’t work. i tried to merge again the two in this group:

and then for fun i tried these two here, which also didn’t work out :confused:

maybe there are some restrictions to my account? or can it be browser related? (ff 85.0)

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Might be just you? I was able to successfully put in merge edits for – this is using Chrome, however.

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Try to manually merge recordings to see.

I’m in Firefox 68.11.0 on Android, OK.
And in Firefox 78.7.0esr (64 bits) on Debian 10 Xfce, OK too.

Hmmm. I don’t know if I can have a more recent Firefox…

It’s OK also in Vivaldi (which is also based on Chromium, like @bflaminio).

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i installed chrome and userscripts now and it works. could be a recent firefox issue.

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Well, I tried on my work Windows PC with Firefox 85.0.1 (64 bits) and it worked on the same LIVE IN ANTWERP, actually. :thinking:

very strange. can i monitor somehow what the script is doing or not doing and post the result?

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Initiate the merges and see the console (press F12, click Console) for error messages.

FWIW, it doesn’t work for me either. It’s up to date, and I’m using Firefox 86.0 on Windows 10. There are no error messages in the console.

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@HumHumXX @XonE
I will track this bug in:


just quickly:
i also watched the console, but either i don’t know where to look exactly or i did not get errors.

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So all of you are using Greasemonkey extension?
Not Violentmonkey? Not Tampermonkey?

After days of trying to reproduce with my usual Violentmonkey (but on 7 different browsers, including Firefox 86.0), I eventually tried with Tampermonkey (OK too) then Greasemonkey!

Here it is! I have the bug with Greasemonkey! :tada:

But in fact, I thought no userscripts would run at all any more in Greasemonkey since their v4.
I am very surprised if you are using it.

@XonE @HumHumXX @Misty_Pond @Freso
Please confirm that it’s your case before I start debugging in Greasemonkey.
And please tell me the version of Greasemonkey you have. They might have broken something recently.

It seems to be a new Greasemonkey specific bug:

I cannot do anything about it myself except advise Violentmonkey, once again. :wink:
Even if Violentmonkey is not perfect, its GUI is not as slick, but it has always been working well when Greasemonkey broke things after things.

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thank you, i transferred now to violentmonkey. i like the dashboard and also some other plugins seem to work again!

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It stopped working yesterday and looking at some of the editor notes it’s definitely not just me.
Could this be related to the latest server update?
Just thought it might be worth writing here because I’ve been using this script fairly often.


You guessed it right, it’s since the server update. :innocent:
Particularly, the React/hydrate conversion of the Release page, which hindered several scripts, including MASS MERGE RECORDINGS:


I’m giving this one a try (with TamperMonkey), but it’s stuck showing “Fetching recordings…” after pasting the MBID URL, even though the title of the release is shown immediately. I also tried with GreaseMonkey, with the same results.

The script still does not work in case of too many tracks but I still release my current version to the public, as it works in most cases.

:warning: Releases with collapsed mediums are only supported on until the next MBS server release

:stop_sign: Releases with paginated tracks are not yet supported.