Works with Place Names in the Title (collection)

is about Wahlwies, a village in Germany:


added! Also welcome to the forums :grin:

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I’ve got some more for the collection and some questions:

  1. Does it count if it’s named after something else that’s named after a place, eg Song “Baby Ain’t Made of China” - MusicBrainz, Song “My Guernica” - MusicBrainz, Song “Stockholm Syndrome” - MusicBrainz ?
  2. Regarding acronyms, what about ones where it’s not immediately obvious what they stand for, like Song “S.Y.M.M.” - MusicBrainz (South Yorkshire Mass Murderer)?
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1\ Can you put a pin in it on the map? I would say “no” to the China as that is not the country. I don’t know what a Guernica is. Is that song about the painting about the place? If so, it would be a yes… Stockholm yes as it is named after the place.

2\ I would say yes as it is clearly the place.

Or that is how I have been naming things.

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Pretty much this yeah

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Yes, the painting. The thing is, they’re all named after places I can point to on a map, but the places aren’t being directly referred to in the title. One’s a porcelain unimaginatively named after its country of origin, one’s a painting about a significant event in a place and one’s a psychological condition that was notably observed in Stockholm. I wouldn’t consider them as valid references to the places any more than I’d consider mentions of Batman to be about the Turkish city.

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I would add it. As the painting is about the place, then a song about the painting about the place is still about that place as they share the common subject. (I did have a bit of a look at the lyrics on that one)

I can also agree that “Stockholm Syndrome” is about the condition, so could go either way. I know I leaned more on “no” if I was unsure.

And there are plenty around like “batman” that just happen to have letters in the same order as a city. If song not about the place then I would not add it.

When I say “Can you put a pin in it?” I also mean the actual subject/meaning of the lyrics. When T’Pau sings about “China in my Hand” she is talking about a tea cup and not a country. So that won’t count.

ooh, can i be added to this collection as well? i think i have a few in mind :smiley:


I think that collection could use some more German collaborators. It’s still missing more or less well-known works by “Die Prinzen”, “Rio Reiser” and “Rammstein”:

Meme works with place names like “Harlem Shake”, “Moskau”, “Gangnam Style” and “This Is America” are also missing:

Last but not least, I noticed many national anthems are missing. On purpose?


nothing is missing on purpose, if it meets the basic criteria then it gets added. I genuinely add them as I encounter them, which means I might not find everything immediately.

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I bring up a very important question… should Pennsylvania 6‒5000 be included in the collection? Pennsylvania is a state in the US, but the title refers to the phone number of the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York City. Pennsylvania in the song title is the telephone exchange name for the hotel, the actual number being 736-5000

the name of the Pennsylvania telephone exchange was also quite possibly named for Penn Station (aka Pennsylvania Station), which makes this even more confusing… :melting_face:

It’s a place name in the title. Whether it’s about a hotel or a state, it’s something you can find on a map (or could, before the hotel closed). Works for me.

well no, the Pennsylvania doesn’t refer to the hotel or the state or the station, it refers to the telephone exchange. I guess a telephone exchange could be pointed to on a map, especially in the 30’s and 40’s when the song came out…

I’d have to leave it up to, then.

When that song was written, telephone numbers were tied to a location. Pennsylvania 6-5000 is tied to a building. It translates to an address you can put a pin in to.

I know in this modern day phone numbers roam around with these new fangled mobile phones. I don’t think the Pennsylvania Hotel nipped off to California for a quick holiday that often. :rofl: So it is fairly reliably always in the same place.

I vote that it passes the “can you put a pin in it on a map” test.

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Some of Bon Iver’s self-titled album can be added to this collection.

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Death in Berlin

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