Works with Place Names in the Title (collection)

Would anyone here be interested in a reasonably un-ended quest?

Namely to try and assist with building the above collection, to add Works that are Songs that contain real place names in the title?

It’s intended to be a collaborative effort, so if anyone is bored or wants to help then lemme know and I’ll add you :smiley:


How exacting is that description? What about an album that includes a map for where it should be played? 1 Inch: ½ Mile - Grasscut Music The whole album is about Balsdean, E.Sussex

If it must be literally place names, then you’ll need tracks from their current album instead: Haunts - Grasscut Music

I’ll be back with obscure tracks for you… for example, currently on the HiFi is Justin Sullivan’s Song “Sao Paulo” - MusicBrainz

OR these qualify I believe, from Skinny Lister:

Actually I’ll no doubt have many missing from your list even at an initial skim:

Where is your Clash?

I have more than one on Stonehenge

I assume no fictional places: Poem “Beasley Street” - MusicBrainz

How big do you want the list to get? Comedian who makes comedy songs about his home town areas: Terry Garoghan - Works - MusicBrainz

And then it’s gonna get serious…

I may need an invite… tell me what is not to be included from the above and I can fine tune… I guess the main rule is “show me the place on a map”

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Just an real place (i.e. on planet earth - so yeah can you point to it on a map) - so no fictional/fantasy locations at the moment.

Just works, although that has already been dictated by the collection type - feel free to spin off new collections for releases, artists, poety, prose etc.

Why no xyz - that will just be because I haven’t yet checked the already submitted works for that artist yet! I add to this collection whenever I have 5 minutes free but not enough time to do any “real” work :laughing: I have added these now.

I have also invited you to into the fray


Thanks. I have got my head around your idea now. So expect a bit of the unusual to come raining in. As you can see, on a quick sweep of just what was on my desk I spotted many that will qualify.


On the “qualification” points - you say “monuments”, so does this include places like “Hammersmith Palais”? Ahah - I see you have already been hitting the Add button on the above list. So that answers the question.

Edit: Added another heap… a good start. Avoided “Seas” and watery places. No heaven or hell (but Hull did get in). I’m trying to add the lesser known stuff. Starting with a heap of politics as that is what’s on the decks today. :smiley: (A lot of Street names that get dropped as don’t know if they are actual streets being sung about) Also song has to be properly referring to the place, not just having someone’s surname common with a place name. Anything of doubt is left out.

(Don’t give me stuff like this when I am sitting around bored… I have just added a few more pages of Works…)


what about a song that’s named after the bus lines at an intersection? not a place name per se, but pretty much equivalent in my eyes.

also, yes I’d love to be a collaborator~ don’t know how active I’ll be, but I think I might have some spare time soon™


Ive inivted you to the collection - add whenever you get a moment, there’s no pressure.

And sure, so long as you can point to it on the map :laughing:

My hope is one day we could possibly get a relationship type for these works, maybe :crossed_fingers:


A mission like this may seem daft, but it is useful for picking up other errors and typos when skimming lists of works.

There is already a song about Route 66, and I added one on the A303, so a bus route intersection names a place accurately even more accurately.

Monuments means I’ve also added some Stone Circles. Going for the “Oldest places in list” record there.

This list will be an interesting start to see “how many songs about a place”. London, LA, England, America and California seem the most common topics I’ve added.


Yeah my mind is already thinking of potential ways to make this collection into some kind of interactive map.

Works are one of my favourite types in MB, so the more people I get looking at them and fixing them the better! :smiley:

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No doubt a mission that has been attempted before elsewhere. Would be fascinating to see it. MB has so much more data available as a source which would make the map so much richer…

If there was a relationship it would make that so much easier to produce. Dedicated to [place] would be a neat link for data like this.

A fellow Works addict here. They open up so many other links to related music.

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Oh I didn’t know we should not include planet names and mythical names.
I remove my added mistakes (Brocéliande mythical forest, some planets including Moon, Saturn, etc.).
Not Moon?
Can we keep Earth?
I also remove Biko (Peter Gabriel), it’s not a place, it’s a person.


Yeah, I would vote to keep out the stuff we can’t pin on a map. Too many planets and mythical options. That needs a separate Universe list. :ringer_planet:

I have stuck to the “can I put a pin on a map” when adding these. A useful simple rule to help focus.

Whoops - that would be me. I probably clicked on him in error when adding Sun City. I had the page open when following down the rabbit hole. Thanks for spotting (I know who he is and needed to get Sun City in).


make that at least 3 on Stonehenge :wink:
this one was one of my favorites back in 2013, after " The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" came out.

darn, I was almost considering adding Attack of the Radioactive Hamsters From a Planet Near Mars… although, I guess that would be Earth, soo… :wink:

Got a few more added for the Stones. Also Mên-an-Tol and Boscawen-Ûn

Only if they say where they attacked… :grin:

BTW - just seen your notes on the page. Mecca is a place on earth. That needs to be included.

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I browsed artists starting with letter A in my collection and added their place/area works. :slight_smile:


I browsed artists on my desk and HiFi today… and then ran down all kinds of mad tangents. Focusing on obscure. Now I know you are at A - I’m off down the other end of the alphabet.

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Problem is that I often start many things for the A artists, then even the B’z don’t get my browsing. :slight_smile:


What I have found interesting is how some artists never mention a place in their whole career. Then you look at a Bob Dylan and he seems to have eaten a map. (I ran away from his list after a brief glance… he loves places)


well, I kinda added a lot more than I expected to the collection, including all the applicable “Christmas in…” songs that exist in the DB… :sweat_smile:

I also added the few “Weird Al” Yankovic songs that apply, and from a couple of my favorite artists.


Haha - know the feeling… I don’t dare look at the main list as I know far too many of those links will be purple. Any fun excuse to poke around my music collection.

The Christmas In… songs are a clever thought. Wonder what gave you that idea? :laughing: (Wow - 108,000!)

If you’re adding those Weird Al paraody songs it will mean I’ll need to add these: Terry Garoghan - Works - MusicBrainz Almost every song of his is about the city of Brighton and named after streets and districts… Maybe do that list another day

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