Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

Will the links merge properly? I don’t really remember how it works.

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Personally I don’t always trust the merge to be 100% perfect as there are many items that don’t get transferred like disambiguation text. So I make pre-merge edits and start by copying over the links I want to keep into the Target. Especially now the votes are piling up as a Yes

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An editor is trying to redact a legal name and performance name relationship:

WP connects both names. Same for Discogs and possibly other sites.
Could someone speaking French mediate? Merci :slight_smile:

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Apparently we’re going to need some input here:

I think there are cases to be made for whether a comma or a colon is the better choice here (and I misspoke at first about the guideline), but the fact that I only edited one in the series doesn’t seem like a valid reason to vote no.

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I am cleaning up the Man Against the Machine release group. After the songs are merged I will merge this release into this one because it was entered with the wrong number of tracks before the album was even released. All help finishing this is greatly appreciated.

Here is the list of edits needed before they can be merged.


As this seems to be a controversial area (see Same album sung in different languages on MusicBrainz), it would be good to see current community stance: too

I’d like some input on whether links should be specifically about/by the artist here please:

In this case, as there are no Facebook/Wiki pages for the Bev Bevan Band, I think links to Bev Bevan are absolutely acceptable. Both pages mention the band and, indeed, 99% of the Facebook page is all about the band. I don’t think we should get too bogged down in minutiae. The point is that the links provide more information about an artist - both of these pages do.

Should be removed or merged or split?

Barely Alive already exist with the Twitter link.
Same for Virtual Riot and PhaneOne. So removed?

You can merge it into any one of the three, there is nothing to split as the artist has no credits.

Misuse of Aliases
Any opinions?


Started a discussion on the Forums

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I’d like to get more of a consensus on Paint It Black vs Paint It, Black:

Just overhauled this Rolling Stones box set which was entered very poorly:

If someone can approve adjusted track length of edit #62219030 that would be great, so I can move on augmenting the release with Spotify data.

There is a Disc ID on htis release, if the Disc ID is correct, please Set track times from it. Otherwise, please argument and remove the Disc ID.
But don’t edit track times manually in case of CD with TOC attached, it’s quite useless. :slight_smile:

Likewise, don’t take ISRC from Spotify, take them from CD but not from another edition like Spotify.


These are adjusted track time based on the CD TOC / Disc-ID.

Two composers on cover, but according to PRO and an interview only one composer was involved.