[MBS-10205] Restore a link to the Data Removal Policy in the drop-down menu

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A recent post in the voting request thread brought this back to my mind; since MB’s redesign a while back, the Data Removal Policy has not been easy to access. In my opinion, this has led or contributed to artists feeling emboldened to edit the database to remove data about themselves (or, in at least one case, pressure others to do so on their behalf). I’ve introduced MBS-10205 to restore a prominent link to the data removal policy in hopes it will discourage these types of edits and/or provide ammunition for editors voting them down.


Isn’t it the GDPR Compliance About us menu item?
It seems to contain that kind of stuff, no?

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That document only deals with personal information (primarily for users). @rob pointed out in our old thread about the GDPR that release information is not considered personally identifying information, therefore it doesn’t fall under our GDPR policy.