Unable to complete Tracklist

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I’m trying to enter the 2016 SXSW Artist Showcase, which has 1006 tracks in the first part. I put the Part 1 files in Picard and used a plugin to copy tracklist info. I made a new release, and when I got to the tracklist I pasted the information from the plugin. I wond up with 973 tracks (I plan to add the missing 33 later), but I can’t get past the Tracklist. At first I was expecting the old behavior where I would move to the next page and resolve the artist for each track. Realizing it’s all done on the tracklist page now, I spent hours going through each artist to ensure they were recognized or added as a new artist. I now have 973 tracks with green artists and completed track titles, but I still show the error “You must enter a title and select an artist for every track.”

I’ve scrolled through the tracklist several times, and I’m certain all of the artists are green. The title fields are filled, too, although they are still white. What else can I do to get past this error and save the release? I’d hate to lose all the work I’ve put in so far, and naturally will not work on Part 2 until Part 1 is resolved.


There might be an empty row in one of the artist credits (MBS-8067).


Thanks, I guess I’ll go through the 973 artists to see if that’s the case.


973 clicks later, no luck. The only tracks with two lines are those with correct (green) artists on line 2. None were like the linked bug. Any other ideas?


You might also want to look into the “Add Cluster As Release” plugin which will seed the “Add Release” form with information from the tags (incl. sub-second precision track times…).


Well, that’s strange and unfortunate for you, @doomedtx
Make sure the first (Release Information) and third tab (Recordings) are green as well.
Only the Tracklist tab is red ?

I have had some issues with release editor at times, making me having to reload it (loose all ongoing edits).
I hope you can avoid that. It never happened to me with so many edited data.


Maybe @Bitmap has an idea or can tell you how to dump the current RE contents into a file at least.


Thanks, I added it both with the “Add Cluster as Release” and “Copy cluster to clipboard” plugins. I was hoping one would work better than the other, but they both resulted in the same thing: 33 missing tracks, and 973 unrecognized tracks that I have to manually search each artist.


Yep, that’s the only red tab. I tried importing the list into the beta site just in case it was different. It wasn’t.


I think I passed my limit on how much time this problem was worth sometime yesterday, and then I still dedicated a few more hours to solving it. In any event, here is the 973-song tracklist in case someone else cares to try. I planned to import the release into Picard and use it to identify the 33 missing tracks, but I can’t do that now and won’t be looking through all 1006 to find which ones didn’t make the import. http://pastebin.com/KFbP4XUv

I’m not going to bother with the Part 2 tracklist. It’s been years since I contributed a VA release, and I didn’t realize there’s now no auto artist lookup. I’m not doing another 500+ clicks only to find out I can’t get past the system again. Thanks for trying to help.


There are 1006 lines in that list, but many numbers (between 2 and 93) are used multiple times. E.g., there are six tracks numbered 2, and seven tracks numbered 3.


Good catch, I hadn’t noticed that before because I didn’t look back through the list once I pasted it. However, after parsing the list and pressing “Reset track numbers,” those duplicate tracks were all removed from the list and I was left with 973 entries. I’m trying it again because I’m curious if fixing those duplicate numbers will fix the import. Also I’m wondering how both plugins managed to number the tracks that way. Odd.

UPDATE: This is the 4th total time I’ve imported that same tracklist in the pastebin, only this time I have 1006 tracks instead of 973. Maybe those 33 tracks were in the code somewhere but not visible to me. And it looks like the tracklist isn’t red, without me manually making all 1006 green! I guess I’ll try again after all :slight_smile:


And there was much rejoicing! I don’t know why my first three attempts failed, but after going through all 1006 artists to turn them green (didn’t work quickly like I thought it might), the release entered!


Greatest congratulations!
@doomedtx, I think you deserve a trophy :trophy: of some sort! :clap: :bow:


WHAT!? :scream:
And it’s only the Part 1!? :astonished:


Yes, and I’m working on 587 tracks from part 2 now :slight_smile:


All I have to say is…

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