Translations of works


I come across many works that use the composition from another work but with language in another language. Which of based on and translated version of should I use in the following situations:

  1. Work B has same composition of Work A, but with lyrics in another language that has no similarity in content whatsoever with the lyrics of Work A.
  2. Work B has same composition of Work A, but with lyrics in another language that is roughly about the same thing (e.g. both works being love songs).
  3. Partial translations: Same with situation 2, but with certain parts of Work B’s lyrics (like the chorus) unaltered and other parts different and translated from the lyrics of Work A.

Also, in the above situations, which one should I use: lyricist or translator?


For both first and second cases it’s almost always adapted, not translated.

For third case I usually (with partial attribute if appropriate) link the recording to both the original and to the new language work.


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Maybe not enough discussion was visibility made about it. So, thanks for this topic. :slight_smile:


Note that a lot of STYLE issue discussion has been on standby for some time now, as the style lead has been waiting for this forum replacement to come around. @reosarevok will start up discussion about the first STYLE ticket(s) he thinks need being discussed any day now.


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I came here from edit #44129448. As I was explaining there, faithful song translations are extraordinarily rare, for a variety of reasons. If we were to raise the standard for “translation” to “faithful translation” (whatever that is interpreted to mean) we would have few to none left to list in the database.

Perhaps “localized” would be a better term? It’s quite a bit looser than “translation,” as localization involves more than just translation (e.g. adaptation to local political attitudes or cultural norms).
New ticket:


I agree with @HibiscusKazeneko’s STYLE-745 that “adapted” is too loose, but I’m not convinced “localized” is much better. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to require a translation to be “roughly about the same thing” as its original, and it’s dubious to say that it’s even localized otherwise. The “based on” relationship seems to fit pretty well in this case, regardless of language:

This is used when a new work is based on or includes (parts of) another work.

It should be noted that by a zealous reading of the current guidelines, lyrics in a different language is all that is required:

This attribute indicates a version with the lyrics in a different language than the original.