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For release:

This release has two tracks, and, that translated versions of and

Discogs has one María Ovelar listed as having "Adapted By (Text) which I’m guessing means she wrote the Spanish version of the lyrics for this song.

How do I go about adding the works for these songs? Do I create new works that are based on the original English ones and credit Maria as translator, do I add the original writer too? Or do I relate these recordings to original English ones and add Maria there? Adding her to the originals seams incorrect cause then she would show up on all the English versions credits.

Never done translation so I’m checking.

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Your first thought is correct. You can add a new work for the translation, link the two works with the “later version” relationship and the “translated” attribute, and add both the translator as translator and original writer to the new work. See for example:

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Thanks, for the help.

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