What is "Adaptation"

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A song is credited like this on the label’s homepage (https://www.vinilkosmo-mp3.com/en/compilations/2-vinilkosmo-kompil-volumo-1/09-ĉe-vi-min-forprenu-detail.html):
Lyrics & music: Eric Pagès
Adaptation: JoMo

Any idea what “adaptation” is and how it is entered? There is no relationship with that name.

Another question: The CD booklet for the release with the song gives two other names for lyrics & music respective adaptation than the label homepage. Which should I use?

The relationship you’re looking for is “translator.” Song translations are often not one-to-one accurate, so sometimes you’ll see “adapted” used instead of “translated.”


Thanks, @HibiscusKazeneko.

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