Scanning CDs barcode and adding to a collection

Hi Brainiacs,

I’ve got the Android app and I’ve scanned a CD but from there I cannot add to a collection.
I’m just trying to catalog my CDs.


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Here is how I do:

I use this above barcode scanner to find my release in MB website, and then I press the sidebar Add to XX collection.

And I use the COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER to visually see what I own — on mobile you need Kiwi browser to be able to run such user scripts.

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Thanks Jesus,

I’ve scanned the CDs fine, it’s just what do with them then?
I don’t want to send to another app (Picard) that’s a mp3 tag editor.
I just want to add to a collection, should be simple, but alas, apps are often lacking in basic simple things.

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Yes I have added this to my post:

I don’t know if it suits you, though. :wink:

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