How do I search by barcode? I tried two methods but both found nothing

I have tried both and from I tried but neither returned what I was looking for, being which shows the barcode as 639842034722.
How do I search for a barcode? What am I missing?

Instead of “cdstub” search for “release”.

CD Stubs used to be a simple way to import disc IDs without submitting a full release to MB. They don’t have barcodes and AFAIK are deprecated.

UPDATE: Small correction: CD stubs can have barcodes, but often they don’t have one.


Are there any plans to update the documentation to reflect these changes? Or other fundamental search changes? I used out-of-date information in two different locations.


There is not really a fundamental search change. You just searched for the wrong entity. When looking for a release you use a release search, it’s documented at

You use a cdstub search if you want to search for CD stubs.


There needs to be an improvement to the search interface. So much is hidden in this database that can only be found by database nerds. If I am trying to do a Barcode search I use Discogs and then link back into MB via the userscripts.

All it needs is for the MB search to be exposed in an easier to use page. Bit like how Discogs have their “Advanced Search” page. Something that makes it easier to search for barcodes and cat numbers without being a database relationship expert.


Here is a slightly off topic cool search tip I recently found thanks to @outsidecontext*:

In ZXing barcode scanner, settings, custom search URL, paste this:

I’ve been using this for only a few days and it’s
huge, man, to manage my collection without having to type with my big fingers on my small screen, any more!

* Once you have installed ZXing barcode scanner, you can also send your barcode searches to a Picard, running on a PC in the same local network wi-fi, by using his Picard Barcode Scanner. Read instructions on homepage.


There is an explicit search by barcode and cat. no. at , among other options. A text input labeled barcode with a search button beside it, I think that cannot be simplified much more :wink:


ARGH!!! What? :rofl: :exploding_head:

So how is that found from the front page without knowing about the magic link? PLEASE someone just add a LINK to that page so it can be FOUND from all the search pages. I’ve only been here since 2017 and never seen that before.

Stick it on the Search Results page AND the Front page so us uninitiated people can find it and use it.

Oh - finally I find it buried as a link in the documentation page… but seriously, make it easier for noobs to find.

Hallelujah - thank you @jesus2099. That solves my own personal puzzle. New custom search added to Vivaldi.

I can throw ANYTHING at Discogs search and it finds it, but MusicBrainz I have to say what I am search for. This solves my puzzles.


Exactly! If that page can’t be found by clicking on or near the search bar/icon at the top right then it’s just yet more buried MB info. Come ooon that redesign :wink:

Looks like the react conversions needed for that are coming along…


I agree that it should be easier to access, e.g. as suggested above near the search box and from search result pages. But to be fair, there is a menu item labeled “Search”, and that page is linked in that submenu as the first entry. That navigation is very 2000, but it isn’t that hidden and can be accessed from every page.


This should not be waiting for a complex redesign. All it needs is the link to be added to those search pages for now. Please. Flashing neon maybe.

Thanks. I’ve only just seen that and I am a “very 2000” type person. My eye is always drawn to the box in the corner for search. And when that search fails I attempt to make complex queries… or use Discogs (because their one box takes ANYTHING and looks it up).

That “Search Entities” needs to be slapped onto the other Search Results page. But find a better, less geeky word than “entities”. Maybe “Advanced Search” or “Detailed Search”. Stop hiding this website behind database language.

Personally I would place a link right under the search boxes top right, next to that languages choice bit, and call the link “Advanced Search”. Then normal people will find it. :crazy_face:

(Top CD stubs? That is a weird menu… probably why I forgot about this menu after clicking on it once…)