ROpdebee's userscripts support thread

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No hurry. I’d probably put it somewhere easily visible. Edit notes are usually the last place I’d look, although sometimes when I intent a more complex edit, reread it and then think “what the fuck am I doing?”

When importing images sometimes the same image is queued twice I guess it’s due to mouse problems. Got a clue, might actually be related to CTRL+ Click (I open multiple releases in advance and prepare images as I CTRL+Tab through them)
Edit note text doesn’t get duplicated though. Usually I remove it from the form but at least one time I missed it:


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Enhanced Cover art uploads:

New provider suggestions:

Marketplaces can be a good last effort source if everything else fails. For starters just two but there are many more:

Collapse Work Attributes:
I still use it for edit display otherwise I’d probably just hide all “edit work” edits completely.

Not being able to view 100 edits at once anymore is bad enough ever since editing histories are being filled with more stuff. Not gonna waste time scrolling through kilometers of numbers.

Even before the script supported Qobuz I noticed that for a few releases the API returns 404 even though the release is still visible in the shop at least in the linked locale.
Another fresh example from the forum

Bandcamp track images are sometimes used unorthodoxically: