Qobuz importer script

Do we have a script that will import a release into MB?

There’s one in murdos’ repository: https://github.com/murdos/musicbrainz-userscripts/raw/master/qobuz_importer.user.js
I’m not sure whether it still works though.

Nope, it doesn’t. Thanks though…I was hoping another might be available since I was thinking of buying hi-res music by track instead of whole albums.

Nope. Broken. There’s no public Qobuz API either, so the only hope to even know 100% if you have the correct matching releases to other services is if they have the barcode in the URL, which they sometimes do. There is an API, but unfortunately, you have to be a paying member to Qobuz to use it.

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There is an API, but unfortunately, you have to be a paying member to Qobuz to use it.

If you just need album information, you don’t need to have an account, just an “app ID”. It’s possible to find one of Qobuz’ own app ID by inspecting the network requests happening on open.qobuz.com album pages. The one used there hasn’t changed for several years.


I was only going off what another editor told me that has access to the API. I can’t even find where the API is or how to access it. The only one I can find by a search appears to not even exist anymore.

Some pointers for anyone interested in creating a new Qobuz importer or fixing the existing one, the Qobuz provider in Enhanced Cover Art Uploads contains some code to get album metadata from their API. Unfortunately it’s only accessible from an IP in a country where the release is available. It also appears that release countries can be extracted from the alternate URLs present in the HTML <head> element on www.qobuz.com pages (document.querySelectorAll('head > link[rel="alternate"]')): fy3ginyk9q1wa lists only US, AU, and NZ; whereas 0825646184729 (same album, different ID) lists a whole bunch of European countries, but not US, AU, or NZ.


I still don’t get it, but if anyone can just find a way to get barcodes the rest is easy.