A multi‐source seeder for digital releases

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I’ve been getting Server has invalid Spotify API key. Not sure if this is related to the earlier Google Cloud outage.


I wish Qobuz opened their api. Can anyone extract the barcode of this specific release - https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/album/valentine-snail-mail/ygxkulx4jiova.

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This is what their API returned: 0191401178563


I’ve added around 1600 releases plus high quality artwork to Musicbrainz using a-tisket over the past year or so. It’s been a great boon to my adding albums to Musicbrainz. It struck me though that I have many releases already present in Musicbrainz with much lower quality artwork than what a-tisket is able to retrieve from apple music. Is there anyone here that can shed some light on the code used to derive the apple music artwork url? I’d like to enhance a Python script to retrieve these rather than lower resolution images for existing albums where possible.

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can anyone detect the upc, catalog, and isrc of this release? If You Leave, Daughter (44.1kHz/24bit). It’s not available on play.qobuz.

EAN: 0044003168664

have fun :slight_smile:


atj’s a-tisket mirror is down for maintenance as of this writing :confused:

It’s already back up

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1). Please check the auxiliary button for iTunes if iTunes has the release. It seems that the vast majority of editors importing aren’t doing so and therefore iTunes countries aren’t being added.
2). Can we please quit putting the annotations that list the same exact countries that are shown under release events. In other words, do we really want a Worldwide list of countries duplicated. I think most don’t. Let’s only show what countries that they aren’t in, if it’s less than half. Once again, we don’t need a list of 220 countries in the annotation that it’s not in, if it’s only in US & CA, for example.
3). If Deezer has the release and a-tisket (mirror) doesn’t give a Worldwide result (or only exempts IO) can we please re-run it on marlon’s original. Until atj updates (I’m begging you atj) the Deezer countries are getting left off (see reasons above in the thread). This is especially important if the mirror reports not in China, Curacao or India. Most of these are actually worldwide when it’s only those countries being exempted. If the mirror gets updated, this should become unnecessary.
4) Can we please take the time to add the phonographic copyrights & copyright information to the relationships that are for that instead of just leaving them in the annotation.


Using the tool today, I get the error “No Spotify data: Server has invalid Spotify API key.”

Yeah, I’ve been getting that too for about the past hour. The original is working fine at the moment.

I sometimes get Yemen and Myanmar as excluded territories, too.
Just something for everyone to look out for…


Anyone having issues with iTunes releases not being fetched? Either it ignores iTunes completely when it has the same barcode as Spotify and Deezer or it won’t even find the release if it’s exclusive to iTunes/Apple Music.

Are you using the original instance or the Pulsewidth mirror?
It’s been speculated that the former has been blacklisted by the iTunes API. If it’s the latter, this may be a harbinger of terrible things to come :fearful:

The marlonob one, but pulsewidth has the same issue

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It’s never been blacklisted, I don’t think, but a few times a month it does seem to go out for about a day. I’ve had no issues with either one today. So, whatever problems there were, were hopefully shortlived this morning.

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Sadly, the issues persists for me. Check this release. iTunes has the same barcode as I verified it on the source code, but a-tisket completely ignores it. Another example, this release that it’s exclusive to iTunes, no results retrieved. Can anyone check those to see if the problem is on my end?

Well, this is not good news. I just tried both of them, neither is coming up. I’ve added several today, so I know a-tisket is working and still finding them. However, the 2 you show here, aren’t working for me either. I did notice the the first link you gave was to a release on 12/16/2021. All releases I’ve tried from before this month work fine. I tried the old fashioned iTunes API and it returns no result. I did this from my personal, so not banned.
Update: I check using old school iTunes API (which is what a-tisket uses) and it doesn’t find them using the UPC lookup option anymore https://itunes.apple.com/us/lookup?upc=075679761378. However, if you use the ID, it still does find them https://itunes.apple.com/us/lookup?id=1599819007. I tried releases before this month and they work fine on both UPC or ID lookup.

@atj . Is there a way to update this to use the ID instead of the UPC? This would be preferred anyway as sometimes different digital releases (labels different) have the same barcode, but different IDs due to labels.


Problem is I get a blank screen whenever I search by iTunes ID on a-tisket