Requests for Votes Thread

A few recording merges here:

Many such merges:

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Not my edits, but I saw these when looking through my subscriptions earlier:

Looking at this thread and the linked edit, there appears to be a precedent to not make this kind of changes.

Especially considering that the series these are part of also consistently keep the title, including the - from THE FIRST TAKE part, as-is.

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I’m removing a video release consisting of gym exercises with no music content; it’s open for voting and discussing:

Hi all, first let me say thanks for the last help :slight_smile:
Im here with another bigger fix. Problem is, there are 2 Rap Artists that both perform solo and as crew/duo. Most of the releases here are added to the artists themself, but they should be credited to the duo/crew. I wrote something on every edit, and hope that is enough. If not, let me know. It would be nice, if someone could help me, so that i can do the rest of the fixing.
Its a bit more… sorry

I had forgotten to carry out the same changes on the first release, and even apply them to the recordings, sorry.

A bunch of work merges for the release linked:

The following are changes that may be rendered inefficient should a certain set of style edits be approved faster:
Edit #113629885 - MusicBrainz /
Edit #113629900 - MusicBrainz / Edit #113629901 - MusicBrainz

found a release imported with discogs, that got messed up.
this should be an full album (which is already here) but only got imported with 1 track. maybe someone could help voting? thanks :slight_smile:

I imported a release from Discogs, and the medium was not imported correctly (3 tracks instead of 9), probably because of the way Discogs organizes classical movements.

I added a new medium with the correct tracks, and entered this edit to remove the bad one. It’s not really urgent, but I wonder if someone could approve/vote for it to get it corrected quickly.

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There is no Discogs import userscript edit note in Edit #113788552 - Add medium?

Sorry, I skipped a couple steps in my earlier post:

I imported the CD version from Discogs in Edit #113787860. Then I created the digital media release based on the CD release within MB. Unfortunately, I did that before I realized that the tracks weren’t imported correctly.

So I manually fixed the tracks in the CD release in MB, then Edit #113788552 is copying the medium from the CD release to the digital release in MB.

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Fixing an incorrect artist link:

I have a few work edits I will need to be cleared before the merges they’re part of receive any votes:!+Re%3ADive+ORIGINAL+SOUNDTRACK+VOL.5&conditions.0.args.0=3868204&conditions.1.field=status&conditions.1.operator=%3D&conditions.1.args=1&conditions.2.field=type&conditions.2.operator=%3D&conditions.2.args=42!+Re%3ADive+ORIGINAL+SOUNDTRACK+VOL.6&conditions.0.args.0=4258869&conditions.1.field=status&conditions.1.operator=%3D&conditions.1.args=1&conditions.2.field=type&conditions.2.operator=%3D&conditions.2.args=42&field=Please+choose+a+condition
This may be a bit long to go through for all of them, but I wasn’t sure if it would be efficient at all to do the merges days later instead of right afterwards.

Is it really a compilation case here?

As to me this is a regular production music album, just one of many. Are VA and “common theme” qualify for a compilation here? Many production music albums made by VA and united by a common theme like horror, drama, comedy, etc., but i suppose it doesnt make them compilations.

And i suppose this directly relates to the topic @reosarevok raised in this thread?

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Trying to remove one of the long country release lists as it is incorrect (uses data from separate releases). Original editor has voted no and it will fail without some more eyes viewing it. Thanks :slight_smile:


All of the following are incorrect composer attributions (evidence provided in the edit note):

When you are fixing your own mistakes, please say it so in the edit notes and here, it speeds up our time reviewing. :wink:


Oh, I see… although I should mention that some of them came as a result of inaccurate or misplaced artist links in the original page.
I also thought providing references was the best thing to do.
(There’s one from the list which is still pending, though it was my mistake to create these as works to begin with. At the time I had no knowledge that many of these tracks were re-arrangements, although I know better now.)

I do have some other recent mistakes though, such as:

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Hello. please may I have some votes for this edit: Edit #113976641 - MusicBrainz?
The track order was wrong - confirmed with Discogs and my own CD - I’m just asking so I can tag my ripped files and put them on to my phone accurately.

This one may be the last mistake of mine that I have to fix before merging all the tracks together (what I should have done in the beginning):
Edit #114005980 - MusicBrainz