Requests for Votes Thread

People are demoting ETI to mere disambiguations. This seems not in spirit of current guidelines:

Related discussions where one of the voters seems to have made this a habit and entered many such edits in the past already:


I’d appreciate some votes on this edit since it doesn’t seem correct to me, but my knowledge on labels is limited, so I don’t have a strong opinion:

This 1960 release of Catalogue d’oiseaux, performed by the 2nd wife of Messiaen, Yvonne Loriod, was in the same release group, and coupled to the same recordings, as the 1971 release / 1970 recording on Erato, also performed by Yvonne Loriod.

I edited the 1960 release (and corrected capitalisation) to a new release group, and to refer to new recordings. (I think it’s recorded 1959, but not sure, didn’t yet find a reference.)
But it’s risky, hard or impossible to couple the new recordings to proper works before the edit is applied.

Some votes would be appreciated.
As well as any comments in case I would have made an error somewhere.

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Analog vs digital mix recordings: can someone let me know if these recording merges I’m doing are correct or not? Thanks.

…but if these are digital vs analog mixes they should be separate recordings by definition, even if they are quite similar.

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I don’t think this “argument” is gonna go anywhere:

Simple enough release group merge of the same single.

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I have just a few typo corrections to look over here.

I am asking community to check/vote on this 2 edits:

Its my edits based on this one:

This artist/label has a long history of “how it should be credited” and new editors often try to change this. I am asking to make some community-based decision and finish with this.

My previous similar edits for these RG had no objections as it seems:

Ideally all discography should be corrected in this way.

Unless something changed, a subtitle should have a colon not a dash. Humanity: Chapter 1

Is it a subtitle or could it be considered under series rules? Ex: Humanity, Chapter 1. I personally like subtitle better. But always wondered if Chapters were series or not.