Requests for Votes Thread

Figured I would post this for others to give their opinions. Intent is to apparently split the group into two entries.

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Edit #104988975 - MusicBrainz Edit #104988972 - MusicBrainz Edit #104988979 - MusicBrainz Edit #104988981 - MusicBrainz
Me again with more others can look at :smiley:

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Still trying to figure out an efficient way to bulk-correct dates on rels. My latest attempt left a bunch of pending edits that I can propagate from if someone would be so kind as to approve them: Open Edits for Harlem - MusicBrainz

Not a request for votes, but for some reasoned opinions: specifically, on a merge edit I just opened which affects a large number of artist entries related to film soundtrack choruses (Edit #105309008 - MusicBrainz).


Get in here. Discussion of the year about literal zeroes. :melting_face:


Need some votes to clear out this dumping ground.

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Another newbie uploading tons of cover art without paying attention to the release. Many are wrong and need to be voted down, ideally moved to the correct release.

The earliest edits have just a few hours until they pass.


I already tried to dive in on some of those and they kinda responded, fixed some, but ploughed on with others.

Anyone noticed that the artwork instructions have disappeared from the Add Art page? This Cover Art / Types - MusicBrainz and this How to Add Cover Art - MusicBrainz used to be on the Add Cover art page but the links seem to have disappeared in an update.


Hi there, need help with adding correct work(s) to this live recording:
Recording “The Clearing” by Metropole Orkest and Snarky Puppy - MusicBrainz linked to one work.
It actually consists of two parts separated by applause where the 2nd part is a much shorter and more rocking reprise (da capo) of the 1st part.
I would call the reprise a partly arrangement of the original composition. So how to???
In addition the linked video is split in 2 chapters on the accompanying DVD, transparently overlaying applause and start of the reprise with complete credits in the 2nd.

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Usually a reprise is not a separate work. And, in this case, there is no ISWC for another work. I would make both (video) parts “a live recording of” this one work (two recordings of the same work on one album is not unusual)


It looks like all of the artwork was taken from a site offering free downloads of movie soundtracks. I never heard of it. Does anyone know?

See discussion down this edit.


Agreed. But there’s still the problem with the audio recording.
In fact it is a medley(?) from the original composition and (after applause) the reprise as edit (or partly or both) without any separation on the CD while for the DVD it is split by chapters.
How could this be represented in MB?
Annotation only?

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I made a separate thread - this is actually not about votes on edits
Parts of a recording have different arrangers
(… an annotation is always a good idea :slight_smile: )


Thanks, you’re right.

Need help on Open Edits for Alice Cooper Band - MusicBrainz

Trying to remove relationships to delete bogus artist: no proof can be found (or provided by downvoter) that Alice Cooper’s touring band is actually performing without him but keeping his name.

Those touring artists tend to change from tour to tour and should be credited with the (already existing) “supporting [instrument] for” relationships instead of creating a new artist everytime.

Alice Cooper Band Concert Setlist at Double Wide, Dallas on October 15, 2018 | this the show i attended by the Alice Cooper Band as billed, w the members of the band, they played the day b4 Alice Cooper the singer show, the Alice Cooper Band setlists Alice Cooper Band Concert Setlists | included r shows just like the one i saw when Alice Cooper shows were scheduled in their cities, this is a band that plays without Alice Cooper the singer

Got an odd no vote on cleaning up an improper disambiguation comment: Edit #105759513 - MusicBrainz

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Could I please get a third vote on this edit, so that a later merge of mine doesn’t interfere with it? Thanks!

I’m experiencing a weird bug, could someone have a look at Bug adding/editing relationships for specific artist and help me if possible?
Thanks everyone

I don’t know about “usual”, but the one I’m most familiar with is very clearly a different MB Work: