Requests for Votes Thread

Hey lovely people, I could use some more opinions and votes on what I feel might be a bit of a grey area around group names in artist aliases (e.g. “feat. <artist> of <artist group>”) where more than one member of a group is being referenced:

I’m also having trouble finding the guideline I swear I read somewhere that states group names should be included in aliases instead of given their own artist entries (which I do think is sensible enough when only one member is involved), so if anyone could remind me where that is, that would also be much appreciated :slight_smile:


Is it possible to always make these kinds of edits auto-edits (only the first one is open, others are provided as example)? I’ve realized that A LOT of the releases I own require these kind of edit, people simple leave them that way.

i.e. updates to the tracklist when they are left as the default value.

Please add links to your references in your edit notes, when changing all track artists.


I don’t understand this edit: Edit #104017748 - MusicBrainz

It is replacing every instance of “Kylie” with “Kylie Minogue”. Ignoring what is written on the covers or track lists. It is a bulk removal of thousands of entries where just her first name is used. It is pretty common for her to just get credited with the first name.


In response of everyone’s notes, I’ve made a few changes to her latest album. Don’t know if I’ll do the other ones though.


A homemade release for a movie which has more tracks the official one, is it worthy or notable enough to be in MB?

I realize there are already a few topics about this issue and there are mainly two factions. One who rather remove such while the other seem to not mind them or rather keep them on the notion of usefulness or notability.

My main concern with keeping these is often the difficulty for others to confirm its existence or measure its “usefulness”.
If you are lucky the original editor still knows about its origins 14 years later.
But then, shouldn’t we have kept both versions because it was in circulation?

Or take the gamerips I’ve added later which are apparently not in circulation. If no one else besides me has them, are they useful to others? One could argue they are since you can now see what tracks are contained in a game.


I hope its ok to ask, is anyone able to vote for this? It’s just a misspelling in a song title.
Thank you

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Given the number of edits (none of which are mine) being opened to change artist credits I feel this should be posted here for additional feedback. Also for additional context view the closed edits and some changes already closed.
League of Legends / NewJeans release GODS

There is a hidden zero-width space being stripped out that is holding up the edit.

See also [MBS-13314] Removal of ZERO WIDTH NO-BREAK SPACE should be an auto edit - MetaBrainz JIRA

Could someone give this a try ?

For context:
vzell earlier entered an edit changing some other release fields too:
But in the meantime someone auto-edited one of the affected fields (same value though) and vzell got worried his edit will fail


Need help with these edits. Just trying to fix this mess to the best of my ability and time right now. It’s not precise but it cleans most of the Spotify metadata trash.

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Soliciting opinions about disambiguation comments at Edit #104673997 - MusicBrainz.

This could use some attention I guess. The artist’s name is constantly changed back and forth between Él Mató a un Policía Motorizado and El Mató a un Policía Motorizado

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Can someone with MB: Enhanced Cover Art Uploads and a RateYourMusic account upload this cover art to this release, please?
It looks better than the Discogs cover art.

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Found some better images and added them :slight_smile:


Can someone look at this and if possible approve it fast? - Edit #104809573 - MusicBrainz. I removed a medium (disc) and added all tracks from it to the preceding medium. It will be messy editing this release in its current state.

Approval of would let me move the rels that were incorrectly applied to the appropriated recordings. [Done: thanks @chaban]

Maybe someone else can have a try. I’m done here:

Your UPC Code is wrong, and constitutes fraud.

What you are doing is wrong, and constitutes fraud. We are screenshooting everything you post.


Looking for other opinions about this edit that will split an artist:

Those 2 alias have been already merged several times in the past, 4 times successfully and 1 time the edit was deleted, but the merge has never failed for downvoting: