Bug adding/editing relationships for specific artist

I’m trying to add a legit discogs relationship (https://www.discogs.com/artist/1938664) to artist https://musicbrainz.org/artist/5182c1d9-c7d2-4dad-afa0-ccfeada921a8, but everytime I got the error “The data you have submitted does not make any changes to the data already present.

This is happening so far only for this artist, but also when I try to add other or edit existing relationships there.

Can someone help, are you facing the same issue?


Very weird… I’ve been able to enter the 2 edits to remove the wikipedia link from your artist (https://musicbrainz.org/edit/106200493 and Edit #106200492 - MusicBrainz), so could it be a user-related bug?

Please could someone try to add that relationship in place of me?

At least I’ll know if it is an issue only of mine or of that page: I can’t add, edit, or remove external site relationships literally only for that artist, with or without adding edit notes, and with or without making the edits votable!

The bug happens only for the “External Links” section, while the “Artist Details”, “Date Period” and “Relationships” sections seem to work smoothly.

Thank you.

Seems we are trying to store way too much data in sessionStorage, which the browser doesn’t like. It throws an exception, which prevents us from adding any hidden inputs to the form (which is why it doesn’t see any changes). This should only happen on artists with a lot of links. Working on a fix…


Thanks for the answer. Waiting for a fix!

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@Antiguastrea A fix for this issue was released today: MusicBrainz Server update, 2023-12-20 – MetaBrainz Blog (tracked as MBS-13393).


Thank you, I can confirm it is fixed, I’ve been able to add that link now!

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