Requests for Votes Thread

Also for some reason I keep getting error 504 or error 0 when attempting to change this release to the correct label, if anyone has any idea what the issue is,

Maybe too many countries?


It’s because it has the Apple Digital Masters series attached to it with a ton of countries in the release events. It happens to me all the time. It will eventually go through, but I’ve had it take about 5 retries at times.


Can someone take a look at this edit of mine?
I didn’t find anything about it in the guidelines and I’m ready to delete it if I’m wrong!

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Second (third?) opinion on my URL edit here?

I’m struggling a bit with a relationship: a recording of a prose text about the French Revolution, with the Marseillaise as background music. I would make it a recording of two separate works. I didn’t have a better idea.
→ 3 edits

EDIT: edits were cancelled and a new thread created: "La Marseillaise" as background music to a text about the French Revolution

More Last FM sabotage Clearly Editor “joewonders100” - MusicBrainz is the same user as the last two times…

@ernstlx See my note on Edit #97235712

I’d like to have some other opinion on these edits of mine that got downvoted, despite I think I’m following the rules of naming according on what’s printed on front cover:

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Can I get some votes please on

It’s about quotation marks of a major work. Web page displays them well but as a tag it causes me issues.

In that case I suggest to just swap them in your tagging app. A simple option in Picard is OPTIONS \ METADATA \ “Convert Unicode Punctuation characters to ASCII”. That also sort out the apostrophes and hyphens then too.

You will soon find editors will downvote your changes as MB likes those prettified Unicode punctuation. Mainly on the basis that the media players will eventually catch up with what is “correct”.

I am like you and don’t like these in my tags and wrote my own plugin for Picard to strip all of this stuff out…


sounds fine, cancelling the edit.

@reosarevok, I’ve updated Style/Classical/Language/English - MusicBrainz Wiki to try to make the guidance about quotation marks less ambiguous and to make the examples adhere to Style / Language / English - MusicBrainz. If my change looks good to you, mind transcluding it?

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It’s been only a little more than a week since the last MusicBrainz Server update and there are already at least two cases of the beginner account voting ability being abused.

The first case was rather lame but this time it involves destructive edits

Since they cancelled the edits only to re-enter them and now even joke about their sockpuppets keep an eye out for more edits:


Can someone review some updates I did to some Alpha Blondy releases? From what I can tell, since ~1987 he has used a band called The Solar system (The Solar System - MusicBrainz) as his backing band. On a lot (but all of the releases since) that has been shown on the cover, so I made some edits to change this, for example:
Edit #97738152 - MusicBrainz
Edit #97738152 - MusicBrainz

For those cases where there exists release that both have “Alpha blondy and the solar system” and those that only have “Alpha Blondy” (for example Alpha Blondy & The Solar System – S.O.S Tribal War (S.O.S Guerre Tribale) (1991, CD) - Discogs and Alpha Blondy – S.O.S. Guerre Tribale (1993, CD) - Discogs) and I was not sure which one was represented in musicbrainz I added the specific version that was credited to “Alpha blondy and the solar system”, from my point of view this makes sense but I would like to have some second opinions!


It’s good to have both versions but you can also change the release groups.
For SOS, we take the original artist credit, here with The Solar Systems.

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Not my edit, but more eyes and opinions would be appreciated, even if they disagree with my vote. Especially anyone familiar with KPop releases


An artist added a release to streaming services under the rather specific name of Girls’ Generation-TTS which is a subgroup of Girls’ Generation. And named the release “Twinkle 2” where the real groups first release was “Twinkle”. It got mistakenly added to the real groups page, so I created a new artist page for it and moved them.
More about this release on the reddit sub for Girls’ Generation here Reddit - Dive into anything

New week, new case of beginner account sockpuppet abuse:

Another case. Three of them are already applied. Almost no chance for genuine editors to vote:


Need to write a crazy algorithm that can spot multiple common votes from beginner accounts. No point checking IP Addresses as VPNs are too easy to use. Something needs to trigger when multiple accounts vote in a common pattern. An interesting puzzle…

OR: any “beginner” vote should not count towards a quick close of a vote.

(But then editors will just get old socks… :socks: tough puzzle)