"La Marseillaise" as background music to a text about the French Revolution

This recording is mainly a prose text about the French Revolution. An instrumental recording of the Marseillaise is used as background music.

Usually, I would go with the solution that @chabreyflint suggested (→ Edit #97235712 - MusicBrainz )

  • Work: Marseillaise (disambiguation: Schmetterlinge version/song); composer: Rouget de l’Isle, lyricist: Heinz Rudolf Unger; version of “La Marseillaise”

But this one is not really a song and it’s not “based on” the Marseillaise. The text is independent and the background music could be changed or left out. There is no ISWC entry for this particular work and on the release only the composition is credited. In fact, this corresponds to the current state - a recording consisting only of the work La Marseillaise. That would be perfectly fine for Discogs, but it’s incomplete for MB.
My idea was:

  • an instrumental recording of the Marseillaise + a recording of a new work only consisting of the prose text: “Marseillaise” (prose text by H. R. Unger) ¹

But this is a rather unusual solution.

¹) H. R. Unger wrote the entire story and this credit is safe, although there’s no explicit mention

I hope for opinions on this topic!

Personally, I would set it up like I set up this Song “The King of Love My Shepherd Is” - MusicBrainz. Separate works for lyrics and tune, then a work for the combined version.

I tried to start a conversation on this subject once without a ton of success Setting up works with individual tunes and lyrics - MusicBrainz / Style - MetaBrainz Community Discourse. My ideal solution would be to have lyric works and tune works that could be linked into a combined song work. That combined work would then pull composer and lyricist credits from the linked works. Not sure how viable that would be as a solution though.


I would have to create a new work for the lyrics and a new combined work. This combined work would be based on the Marseillaise…

That’s definitely better then “based on” the Marseillaise only. Good idea! Thanks!

(I just looked at my cancelled edit. In fact @chabreyflint made the same suggestion :slightly_smiling_face: )



That would be significantly better, because now I’ll have the new combined work composed by Rouget de l’Isle and that’s somehow wrong.