Requests for Votes Thread

Edit #96081054 - MusicBrainz has been open in “About to close” state for a long time. Is it bugged?

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Looks like it was fixed or applied automatically. I noticed this one (also submitted on 1/14) a few hours ago, Edit #96073504 - Merge artists.

@chaban removed the annotation from the target in this edit, fixing the issue (known bug) and causing the edit to go through :slight_smile:


Could someone with superpowers have a look at this edit ? Opened 2023-01-16, 3 yes votes and now stuck as “about to close” for over a week :frowning:

Fixed! Thanks @chaban

I missed the last track on this release last week, now I need to apply discid and cannot. Can I get some votes. Edit #96653792 - MusicBrainz

Thanks! DiscId applied.

Got the “about to close” issue. Anything I can try? No disambigs, and just deleted the annotations.

It’s a 5-0 merge from the 16th Jan.

Wait until the next full hour. That’s when modbot applies edits


Thanks. It has gone through now. Was it the two old 2006 annotations blocking it then?

Can someone take a look at these edits/mergers so they’re handled correctly:
Edit #96772646 - MusicBrainz
Edit #96772628 - MusicBrainz

Other user and I started the same merger around the same time but inverted.
I’m not sure but my guess is that the release groups should be merged into the Single as other anime OP/ED’s are also not marked as “Single + Soundtrack”. For example:
Release group “KICK BACK” by 米津玄師 - MusicBrainz
Release group “Avid / Hands Up to the Sky” by SawanoHiroyuki[nZk] - MusicBrainz

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Seeking votes on these edits.

Can i get some votes on this so i can quickly change this series from an RG to a Release series type

Reasoning is that the Fontana Special series can sometimes be of existing albums, or albums later reissued but not under Fontana or the series name

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This is my first merge, can I please get extra pairs of eyes on


Am I allowed to post other peoples edits? Just to shorten the wait for them to go through Edit #97015417 - MusicBrainz Edit #97015416 - MusicBrainz Edit #97015415 - MusicBrainz Edit #97015413 - MusicBrainz


Just fixed a release, “20 exitos” but only 17 tracks !! .
Please help me to speed up the change,

Please edit your post, your link is broken.

Fixed some ETI on a new release (shortened “instrumental” to “inst.” because that’s what Bugs, Melon, Genie, and Deezer canonically use):

Found a new editor who was adding dozens of new releases for Spotify releases that were already listed in the DB. One consistent error they made was using the Vinyl release date for the Spotify releases, and Copyright details as the release label.

I just completed a blast through three pages of edits and would appreciate some checks\votes on these:
Open edits to fix some errors, and This, and This, and That

(Thanks @chaban for approving the date fixes)

Once that list is cleared there are a couple more to merge as there had also been some errors in recording selections on a few releases. (Yeah, I have my “clean up the choas” head on today :upside_down_face:)


Update next day: Thanks… votes will now make this little lot whizz through.

Update again: Found one I missed Edit #97174339 - MusicBrainz


I thought DTA Records had been merged incorrectly, but it turns out it was just co-opted by Travis Barker’s label since 2020. I’m now returning it to its true form after creating a new label for Travis Barker’s stuff, but unfortunately incorrectly set the disambiguation, which is now confusing due to the other label’s disambiguation. I’ve fixed all the releases, so the labels should be pretty obvious which is which. I’d appreciate an AE approving this edit (or perhaps votes if it shouldn’t be approved): Edit #97174637 - Edit label

Original, dark/ambient label 2001-2004:
Travis Barker’s label, created in Dec. 2019: