Requests for Votes Thread

Can I please get an AE or some votes to bump this through
Edit #93698748 - MusicBrainz

The CD is two albums reissued. Problem is the track list on the CD is back to front. The two albums are swapped. Only after entering all the data did I find this out. After I tagged the album, I hit play… and heard the problem first hand.

This edit corrects the track list as on CD, but is waiting votes. Having to relink all the recordings was messy. I then have cleanup to do on AcoustIDs.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I should say it is a little funny the way the track names line up as they are very different films. :joy:

Thanks @chaban


Anyone good with explaining artwork to noobies? Lots of digital art on CDs and I know I am not the best at explaining things. I always end up saying the wrong thing.

This is someone who is putting pretty images on CD releases which don’t match the release as they are from Digital Media version. (At least the add a comment to say Digital Release in most cases)


Please help approve these edits so that these wrongly-created artists can be split into their rightful ones and be deleted:

Please help delete these artists:

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Thank you @jesus2099 for the quick help! But I’m not seeing an option to delete the bogus artists on the sidebar even when they don’t have any relationships. What’s the reason for that?

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I do see it, it’s called Split into separate artists.
Please check. :slight_smile:

I clicked on split into separate artists, and it’s giving me

There are no recordings, release groups, releases or tracks credited to only [artist name].

The artists have been cleared of all relationships and no other entity is using their aliases. Does that mean I need to wait for ModBot to remove them and there’s no way for me to delete them?

Maybe you could report a bug. indeed says that there is nothing left, but I do see 1 recording using this artist and nothing else.

And under this condition, it should allow to split.

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I fixed the last incorrect artist credits Edit #94113554 - MusicBrainz
But now unused artist credits stay for some days, for some reason… Boyce Avenue & Jennel Garcia - Aliases - MusicBrainz
So it still prevents splitting the artist, eventually it should be auto deleted

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The credit thing is because we now autoremove artist credits after a few days rather than immediately (so that they can be reused in the meantime, since they have MBIDs now). But we should make it clear that the artist will still be (eventually) autoremoved. I added a ticket for this.


Trying to clean artist “Ibrahim Maalouf” I realized that digital stores show different informations for label on same releases: Mister Ibe, Mi’ster Productions or Mi’ster

After some researchs it seems:

  • Mister Productions was used on the releases for P and C from 2006 to ~2014. Cannot find a creation date for the compagny and it’s no more used on physical releases.
  • Mister Ibe was created in 2014 ( and is now shown for P and C on physical releases.
  • Logo didn’t change on covers, it still a “M.”

Based on that I was thinking to:

  • Create a new Imprint label “Mi’ster” & transfer the releases showing the logo to it
  • Update the 2 existing Miste Ibe and Mister Productions to Rights Society with a relationship to this new label

Am I right?

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Can I please get some love on this edit? I’m updating the tracklisting, and need this to be effective so I can add a CD id.

I’d like to ask for some votes on these edits.

Another editor is down-voting my edits, where I am putting subtitles into the guideline-specified format. I suspect their votes are in retaliation for my votes on some of their edits, where they have been changing subtitles from the correct format to an incorrect one. Some of these edits are titles that they entered or edited into the incorrect format a few weeks ago.

I just finished up this year’s 30 Days of Dead release. Could I please get some votes on the last batch of songs to finish it off?

I unfortunately made a bit of a mess when adding the new singles and album by Lexie Liu (partly due to confusion around different scripts per streaming platform country).
Thus, I’d appreciate some reviews/votes on them:

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Hi all

I’ve been updating The Disco Boys for a couple of days now, there’s 100 open edits right now, I’d love some reviews/votes, thank you!

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Could people take a look over this one and vote? thanks~

Hello! I could use some votes on a series of edits I made to clean up some of the track titles here:

"Untitled tracks

For untitled tracks, enter [untitled] as the name. These tracks are clearly shown to lack a title on the release (album sleeve and liner notes) they appear on."

I don’t think this rule applies to the following:
Edit #95586175 - MusicBrainz
Edit #95586349 - MusicBrainz
The track is listed, referred to and re-recorded as “Untitled”
But I like to have votes on that.
Thanks in advance!


A recently (very) active editor has deleted their account. This resulted in just under 1000 edits being auto-cancelled before they could close, despite being well researched and with good edit notes.

If you would like to help triage and re-enter them, you can use this search query.


It’s a little bit late as they end in 2 days, but here is a batch of karaoke-only release group merges.

Look for the release groups with instrumentals in their name.

Karaoke are often misleadingly called instrumentals. They are just the original mix with the lead vocal tracks removed from the mix (no replacement instrumental melody).

For remixes, instrumentals, different languages, karaokes, discussions often concluded that they should stay separate, bit guidelines are not telling it, clearly yet: