Requests for Votes Thread

After seeing chaban’s changes for Dreamcatcher, I went and removed the “premiered by” relationship for all works by Loona:

This edit merges three releases that I’m pretty confident were erroneously added as separate releases instead of a 3-disc box set. You can see my reasoning in the edit notes. There is more clean-up to do, and I’m hoping some folks can vote or approve (or point out my error) this edit so I can continue.


I need some votes on removing the DiscId on this edit: Edit #92165417 - MusicBrainz

Two tracks are switched on the CD and I want to edit the tracklist and will add the DiscID back from my own copy

Really, you should rather:


Thanks. I knew there’s a better way

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Any further thoughts on editing Nate Dogg’s birthplace? Closing in three hours, perhaps @elQuotho?


This is a new album release (today) by a high profile artist (DJ Khaled) that is in shambles due to a beginner trying to get it all right. I’d appreciate an AE coming in to fix it. We currently have a duplicated medium, four cover arts, and ugly/incorrect featured artists.

I don’t think adding more proposed edits to this is what we need.


I would appreciate some other eyes on Edit #92388949 - MusicBrainz , to merge MB Artist Patricia Clark artist/b747c5 into Patricia Clark artist/10d3b7.

The latter Patricia Clark, artist/10d3b7, refers to the Scots operatic soprano, born 1929, noted for collaboration with the Ambrosia Orchestra and for singing traditional Scots songs.

I think the former is a spurious duplication of the latter. The repertoire, and artists which artist/b747c5 appears together with, overlap with the repertoire, and artists which artist/10d3b7 appears with.

Also, I see corroboration in Discogs. Artist/10d3b7 links to Discogs “Patricia Clarke” artist/1000049. Discogs describes her with a full paragraph: “Soprano singer from Glasgow, whose many recordings include traditional Scottish folk songs, pop, oratorio, and opera. Her vocalese became…”. Discogs also has “Patricia Clark (2)” artist/3716306, whom it disclaims: “For the Scottish operatic soprano who sang with the Ambrosian Singers and Norrie Paramor, please use [Patricia Clark artist/1000049]”. The releases under probable Discogs duplicate “Patricia Clark (2)” seem to overlap with the releases under probable MB duplicate Patricia Clark artist/b747c5.

Also, note that both Patricia Clarks are Recording Artists for “Peer Gynt, Incidental Music, Op. 23: VIII. Arabian Dance” . That is probably wrong.

I would appreciate other editors checking the list of recordings and my conclusions. I’m not looking for Approval action from auto-editors, because as I understand it, merges must wait out their few days regardless of votes. I just want to increase the chance that others notice if it turns out I’m making a mistake.

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New user here.

Trying to add a new artist and releases but it took me a little bit to figure out the process and structure. I would use some eyes on to verify if I am on the right track and hopefully get some votes to expedite the changes.

Appreciation in advance.

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Difficult to vote with the absence of any edit note saying where you got the info and – particularly – why you would want to remove CD 2. Please explain :slight_smile:


Hello, @bigdoge! Welcome to MusicBrainz, and thank you for contributing to the database.

I took a look at the edits, especially for the Release. I am having a hard time following what is going on, to be honest. I have two suggestions:

  1. Go back through your recent edits and add Edit Notes. For edits where are you adding releases or relationships, describe what your evidence is. Do you have a copy of the Release in your hand? Are you looking up information on a web page? You should state that in the edit note, and give URLs where possible, so that others can confirm the information.

  2. If you want to ask questions about how to accomplish what you are trying to accomplish, or want to know where things went wrong and got so difficult, then open up another thread in this forum. The present “Voting Request Thread” is mostly for edits where the right action is abundantly clear, but the rules are imposing a delay. In your case, it sounds like the right action is not yet clear to you.

Once again, thank you for your contribution.



I would appreciate some eyes on these two edits:
Edit #92739403 - MusicBrainz
Edit #92739372 - MusicBrainz
These edits change the tracks to point to the same recordings as previously there were 3 sets of recordings for each track in the release group.



Welcome to MusicBrainz, @mcpw21 ! Thank you for these edits.

While it is clear from the edit comments that you and others have settled on a different way to solve the problem (merge Recordings), I want to thank you for your willingness to improve the data, and for the cooperative way you are doing it. Seeing an opportunity and taking it is good. Asking for help is good. Accepting feedback is good. Thank you! —Jim


One more vote on these would be helpful, thank you :two_hearts:

Can we get some additional opinions on this edit, please? A difference of opinion on a track title and soundtrack guidelines.
Edit #93359082 - MusicBrainz

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im an idiot and have created duplicate RG’s for this artist I’m trying to complete;

Could someone please do some magic voting :slight_smile:

If you created these Releases in the last 24 hours, just go in and change the RG within the Release.

That way all the Release jump into the correct RG straight away, and it doesn’t matter the RG merges are on the 7 day wait.

Make use of your 24 window for a “new entry”. :slight_smile:

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sorted; forgot about that trick :smiley:


Yeah, useful trick. Them clever MB devs know how easy it is to make simple mistakes when adding a new Release. That 24 hour window is REALLY handy and can hide all kinds of embarrassments :grin: (I use it loads)


If you have a moment or two - cover art and two adjustments of release groups.

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