Tracks on album were switched; renamed recordings will change different album


I made some changes to an album. Two of the tracks were switched around. The recordings belonging to these tracks also got the wrong titles. I now renamed both of the tracks and their respective recordings.

Unfortunately one of the tracks (the one with the sketchy name I don’t want to put in my first post on this community :sweat_smile:) is also on another album. When/If the changes I made are applied, the song will be tied to the wrong recording. (It is the wrong recording by duration and AcoustID, already, but the name is correct still.)

What would be the right way to fix this? Do I just wait until my changes are applied and then go and change the recording of the song on the other album?

Thanks in advance!


Yeah - you’ll always be known as that “South Pole Guy” from now on… :rofl:

If an AE sees this they may be able to help bump it through. There is a thread for stuff like this: Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread - #1014 by Yurim

After it has gone through you’ll also need to detach any confused AcoustIDs.

On thing editing at MB helps teach you is patience…


Haha, thanks for your reply. :smile: I’ll post there!

I’ve approved the edits.

Now you gotta go to the other release and go Edit > Recordings (tab) and pick the recording with the right name. Not too complicated fortunately!

There are fingerprints on that recording which might now cause a headache… see if you can unlink the one/s that doesn’t fit :grin:

edit: that track title made it onto a Tony Hawk soundtrack?? the world has changed…


Thank you! I unlinked fingerprints that had a wrong track duration and generated and submitted the fingerprints from my CD rips from Picard. I hope it’s all good now :smile:

Well yeah, I had the game on PS2 and that soundtrack was what got me and many others my age into Punk and Hardcore. :grin: If I recall correctly, in the game the title was just “Awesome R***” :see_no_evil:

Edit: Oh and I changed the other release, too:

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Hi @zyzzyxdonta,

Next time tracks should be swapped and already recordings are all good in themselves, like here, you should not:

  1. Swap tracks
  2. Keep recordings in place and rename them
  3. (Un)link AcoustIDs (and ISRC but it was not the case here)
  4. Fix the other release that uses same recording

You should rather:

  1. Swap tracks in Tracklist tab
  2. Swap recordings in Recordings tab

The second method makes only one clean ‘‘Edit medium’’ edit, does not repurpose already correct recordings and does not impact other releases or entities (works, ISRC, AcoustID, etc.)

Hi @jesus2099, but the recordings had the wrong durations and fingerprints, no?

It’s hard to say now that they are repurposed but:

  • Wrong durations: Duration is automatically computed from track duration, so they are not wrong.
  • Wrong fingerprints: You had to unlink 2 fingerprints because you renamed recordings, so these 2 were good without rename. :wink: Another 1 fingerprint that you did not unlink, was probably wrong… Difficult to say, now.

Still, it was less edits and more clean to use second method: 1 medium edit vs 4 edits + 2 AcoustID unlinks.

Hey @jesus2099, I was thinking that too, but considering these were only used on this release, except for a bootleg for one track, I think it made more sense to rename the recordings :thinking:

Otherwise both AcoustID’s would have to be removed + peoples tracks (e.g when tagging) would be swapped around, and possible resubmitted incorrectly.

But agree that often it would be better to re-assign recordings from teh start.

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I’m still confused because I only had to unlink AcoustIDs from one of the tracks which had 3; the other track had only one.

I’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind for the next time!

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