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Hi all

I’ve been updating The Disco Boys for a couple of days now, there’s 100 open edits right now, I’d love some reviews/votes, thank you!

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Could people take a look over this one and vote? thanks~

Hello! I could use some votes on a series of edits I made to clean up some of the track titles here:

"Untitled tracks

For untitled tracks, enter [untitled] as the name. These tracks are clearly shown to lack a title on the release (album sleeve and liner notes) they appear on."

I don’t think this rule applies to the following:
Edit #95586175 - MusicBrainz
Edit #95586349 - MusicBrainz
The track is listed, referred to and re-recorded as “Untitled”
But I like to have votes on that.
Thanks in advance!


A recently (very) active editor has deleted their account. This resulted in just under 1000 edits being auto-cancelled before they could close, despite being well researched and with good edit notes.

If you would like to help triage and re-enter them, you can use this search query.


It’s a little bit late as they end in 2 days, but here is a batch of karaoke-only release group merges.

Look for the release groups with instrumentals in their name.

Karaoke are often misleadingly called instrumentals. They are just the original mix with the lead vocal tracks removed from the mix (no replacement instrumental melody).

For remixes, instrumentals, different languages, karaokes, discussions often concluded that they should stay separate, bit guidelines are not telling it, clearly yet:


I would like to request some votes for the following ‘Merge release groups’ edits:

The reason being, these repackages have been wrongly classified as compilations and have their own release groups, when they shouldn’t.

They should be under the original’s release group, like so:
Release group “BDZ” by TWICE - MusicBrainz (‘BDZ -Repackage-’ being a repackage of ‘BDZ’)
Release group “&TWICE” by TWICE - MusicBrainz (’&TWICE -Repackage-’ being a repackage of ‘&TWICE’)
Release group “PARALLEL” by 여자친구 - MusicBrainz (RAINBOW being a repackage of PARALLEL)
and so on.


I found a fourth reissue/repackage that needs to be moved:

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More opinions required: Edit #95741688 - MusicBrainz

A debate between “French Grammar Rules vs Artist Intent\as on Covers”.

A French composer with many French language release on French labels but he very rarely uses the accented “Éric” as his name. He usually writes “Eric”.

A vote wants to use Artist Intent to represent his name as shown on his albums without the accent. The counter argument is that correct French grammar should use the accent at all times even when it does not appear on the track listing.


I need opinions for Edit #95901793 - MusicBrainz

It’s about splits and interlude parts. A brief history:

  • on vinyls the splits A2/3 and A3/4 were at the beginning of the respective interlude
  • on early CDs the indexes were at the end of the interludes (probably with a pregap to the next track) - with an awkward result, when playing A2 or A3 on it’s own.
  • on later CD versions the A2/3 split was corrected (back to the intended vinyl split), but A3/4 was kept from CD versions

This edit is about the associated recordings for a vinyl, which certainly has the same split “intended”.
But it’s also certainly another choice than taken by the editor who entered the track lengths (I’ve left these untouched for the moment)

Or should all these recordings be merged? There’s no difference if they are played in sequence. (…but the individual tracks have very different acoustIDs…)

I see this happen on The Wall and the differences are so large whole tracks are attached to an earlier recording. It is also pretty common on a live album where chat between tracks gets moved from the start of a track to the end of the prebious.

If it is more than five seconds I make new recordings. If there are significant differences at the starts and ends of the tracks, I’ll make separate recordings. BUT if this is only on this one recording, and only due to the typed track times, maybe I would not do it here. Hard to say.


The Wall has no printed track lengths on vinyl (and I had no look on the grooves), but it’s quite the same problem with intermediate parts - can be seen as an intro, or as tailpiece :upside_down_face:

It’s more than 5 seconds (interludes have 20 and 35 seconds) and there are three versions of track A3:

  • 2:52 interlude 1 + track → vinyl
  • 3:07 track + interlude 2 → some CDs
  • 3:27 interlude 1 + track + interlude 2 → other CDs

EDIT: looks like it’s not old vs new

Can I get some votes on this edit of mine. I am trying to revert the addition of a barcode to a release that has a full set of cover art showing absolutely no barcode whatsoever. So far the only vote (“no”) is from the editor who added it and who appears to be deaf to my compelling arguments.

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Can I get some votes on this edit of mine
I had added this a few days back and found when I went to attach the discID I had somehow left off the first three tracks. I would like to attach the discID.

I’d like some more eyes on Edit #95895650 as @tigerman325 does not agree that Capitol Records’ logo refreshes should be considered to be the same MB Label.

The only usage of the extra MB Label occurs in Release group “The Stage” by Avenged Sevenfold - MusicBrainz where all editors other than one thought it was unnecessary to create a separate MB Label.

I abstained quickly after. But I do wish we had “credited as” for imprints if we are going to have imprints that actually represent more than one imprint. Talking about the actual imprint image, not the record company behind them.


Getting off topic, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I wouldn’t expect different text values to be used to identify which of these logos are used by individual releases inside Capitol Records.

Another Sens Critique user is attempting to abuse our system to get a release added to their website.

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Some controversial edits where a beginner is merging RGs with Japanese lyrics into their English counterparts apparently. I’ve already left a note with the relevant guideline recommendation, but since I’m not familiar with this kind of releases, I have no opinion myself.

Edit: Changed my opinion because someone has spent the time to keep these as separate RGs and linked them with “translated version of” relationships.

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Why, just why does every thorough voting session on MB have to end down these rabbit holes? :weary: