Quickest way to enter multiple new artists?

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Is there any short cut or script I’m not aware of that simplifies adding new artists, like double digits worth all with the same general disambig, location, etc?


There is a script for single artists:


Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t expect any of these artists to be in Wikipedia. We’re talking church choirs, local gatherings of artists, etc.


If you’re sufficiently programmer-ish, you could use my library to write a program for this.

Maybe only worth it if you’re going to be doing this a lot.


Ha, I’m starting programming classes in about a month. Maybe that’ll make a good project for something…


Which programming language(s)?


There are several, but C++ and Java are the main tracks.


Ahh… C++… well, the library’s in C, so accessing it from C++ shouldn’t be that hard (of course, “hard” is relative when you’re new to C++). As for Java, I don’t know java, so can’t help you there.

And it requires other (open-source) libraries, so you’d have to learn how to link those in.


Here’s the latest example of where I’ll probably have to add a couple dozen artists (if I can work myself up to it, having already added most of the other credits shown here). Since it’s a “celebrity” album most of the major artists are already listed, but those “chorus vocals” at the bottom are likely to be a doozy.