Quickest way to enter multiple new artists?

Is there any short cut or script I’m not aware of that simplifies adding new artists, like double digits worth all with the same general disambig, location, etc?

There is a script for single artists:

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Thanks. Unfortunately, I don’t expect any of these artists to be in Wikipedia. We’re talking church choirs, local gatherings of artists, etc.

If you’re sufficiently programmer-ish, you could use my library to write a program for this.

Maybe only worth it if you’re going to be doing this a lot.

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Ha, I’m starting programming classes in about a month. Maybe that’ll make a good project for something…

Which programming language(s)?

There are several, but C++ and Java are the main tracks.

Ahh… C++… well, the library’s in C, so accessing it from C++ shouldn’t be that hard (of course, “hard” is relative when you’re new to C++). As for Java, I don’t know java, so can’t help you there.

And it requires other (open-source) libraries, so you’d have to learn how to link those in.

Here’s the latest example of where I’ll probably have to add a couple dozen artists (if I can work myself up to it, having already added most of the other credits shown here). Since it’s a “celebrity” album most of the major artists are already listed, but those “chorus vocals” at the bottom are likely to be a doozy.