Problems with ISRC batch-add

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I use for adding ISRCs to releases. But the website sometimes does not work properly - especially with new releases.


After entering the MBID, i only see the title and the submit button. Is there a solution to this problem?


Have a look at this post:

Bascially you can store the following bookmarklet (what is a bookmarklet) in your favourites toolbar:

javascript:var mbid=location.pathname.match(/^\/release\/([a-f0-9]{8}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{4}-[a-f0-9]{12})/);if(mbid)void(open(""+mbid[1]));

And then go to your release and click the bookmarklet.
Then you can paste a bunch of ISRC to submit, like shown in the demos (animated GIF).

Making a mass isrcs button for releases
Fetching ISRCs from Spotify

I’ve got another problem. When all ISRCs are collected and I try to submit I get and endless loop to login with username and password. After aborting this I get an “Authorization Required” error. Maybe a problem with my username ClæpsHydra or password with special characters??


When I’m trying with command line tool isrcsubmit it doesn’t work either


I doubt it will work because you’re supposed to use what I’m suggesting in URHREF itself, not in the popup, but could you try: Cl%C3%A6psHydra instead of ClæpsHydra?

Your password has special characters as well?

If you need to encode something else, paste this in your browser address bar and then type/paste what you need to encode:



Yes, it has special characters as well. I’ve encoded both as you suggested and tried it again with web-interface and isrcsubmit on the command line. Problems keep still the same. But a different error by isrcsubmit


As a test workaround I created a new account without any special characters in name and password (ClaepsHydraISRC). Again I’m not able to submit any ISRCs:


Shame on me :blush: With the new account ClaepsHydraISRC both clients (web, isrcsubmit) work fine. I simply missed to activate my new account per send email verification link…


Seems like something that should still be reported if it’s not just wrong/missing encoding of the username (and/or password) on “your” end (ie., probably in the software you’re using, which should then have issue(s) filed against them).


If you want to report issue, @ClA_psHydra, here is some context:

The bookmarklet is just a wrap around (enables pasting all ISRC at once) @kepstin’s magicisrc which makes your own browser call MusicBrainz’ /ws/1/track web service.

The other tool you tried is @JonnyJD’s which is also calling the same web service, I believe, as we cannot submit edit notes along ISRC either (a known limitation of that web service) — I don’t know if it uses updated v2 /ws/2/track web service. — Apparently, it now uses python-musicbrainzngs, which does use updated v2 web service. Good point for your issue, as v1 is no longer supported.


@Freso, @jesus2099: Thanks for the help. I reported with: