Making a mass isrcs button for releases

You are probrably thinking isnt there a source code for that and yes there is and you have to install a lot in order for it to work. I am proposing maybe in the next few years cause I am pretty sure this will be a massive change on possibly having a massive Isrcs option on the release itself and I was thinking that maybe you could put a link to a website that has approved ISRCS and it could transfer from that page to another.
I propose this cause its a bit to hard for me to understand how coding works and what not however if I can get the community behind this I think this could be a thing however I do want your thoughts on how this could work and how it could not work so we can try to work around to see if we can meet in the middle.
I also note that as of right now there is no option to add multiple ISRCS you could only add one to each recording page which is a massive hassle so if we can could possibly take what we have and maybe have a mass add isrc button or a option on the release I think it could work.

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FTR, one workaround with bookmarklet:

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I tried using that but I cant seem to get it to work for some reason I am using chrome btw but for some reason I cannot get the thing to work even bookmarklets

NVM I got it finally

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However I don’t know how to do it on mobile which is a problem cause I use mobile when I am at school so if you can make a mobile version that would be great

I also don’t think bookmarks work as they do on desktop

Bookmarklets do work on mobiles.
For instance, here is a useful bookmarklet for websites that block the zoom (like this discourse forum):

Unlock zoom


I don’t use mobile to edit MB so I cannot really tell you if the mass ISRC will work, but I frankly doubt it would be convenient to edit from mobile. :thinking:

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Well the bookmarks can’t be accessed from mobile without having to go to a separate page

You’re out of luck, then.
Most mobiles will have bookmarks (favourites) in a menu, not in a separate page.

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Well when I click on bookmarks it takes me to a completely separate page then what it does on desktop

I have tried this bookmarklet, but it always says

Loading release with mbid xxx…

Transfer failed, status 0 

In firefox, kubuntu 18.04 Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong

I reccomend you reload the page cause I have gotten it before all you have to do is reload

I have tested MASS ISRC with magicisrc today on Firefox for Android with Violentmonkey:
It works.