Picard Tagger Button doesnt work in any browser on Windows 10

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I recently upgraded to windows 10, and have just started to ‘attempt’ tagging more vinyl rips using Picard. Since having windows 10, the tagger button in Firefox, Edge, and Chrome no longer works. I even turned off my firewall, but this made no difference. Is this is known issue and is there a work around? I’ve tried using the scan facility, but that is unreliable at best; it’s very rare to get a 100% successful track scan rate, so this is not a solution or workaround. I just need the tagger button to work as it used to do.


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Are you using MusicBrainz over HTTPS? If so, it’s a known issue and not related to Windows 10 at all, but rather a security measure in Firefox itself, to prevent/mitigate certain types of attacks. I thought it was a known issue, but I can only really find one related ticket in our system:


works for me with https, win10 and chrome
edit: also works in firefox, no matter https or http

sry i have no idea why this does not work for you.


Thanks Freso, HTTPS may be my problem. I’ve got the HTTPS everywhere plugin installed into all my browsers, so this could be the problem, I’ll try removing it for a test.


Ok, more testing has revealed that the problem is caused by ‘NoScript’ addon I have installed in my browsers. Its a javascript blocker. When I deactivate it, Tagger button works. Strange thing is that NoScript is reporting that it is not blocking anything (which is the reason I hadn’t considered it as a potential cause). So the bug is with NoScript, not Picard. I think perhaps it may be something to do with connecting to loopback address at


Ah, indeed. I just added the below to Settings→Advanced→ABE→USER (or SYSTEM possibly, not sure what the difference between the two is exactly):

Site ^http://127\.0\.0\.1:800\d/.*$
Anonymize GET from musicbrainz.org beta.musicbrainz.org

Accept ALL from LOCAL

And it seems to work. Make sure the MB specific rule is earlier than/before the Site LOCAL one, as the first matched rule will be used.


I’m using Chrome on Windows 10 and I thought it wasn’t working for me as well. Turns out there just isn’t any feedback on your “tagger” click. I made the mistake of trying to work with hundreds of albums at once so it was hard to see if anything happened - try having a go with a single file/album to see if it works.

FWIW…I use ScriptSafe and HTTPS errrrrywhere




As a workaround (for people who are having problems with the green tagger button), you should be able to copy the URL to a release in MusicBrainz and paste it into the search bar in Picard.

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