Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-04-18

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#MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-04-18

Meeting start:


  • Reviews
  • Bot CoC
  • HTTPS (MBH-363)
  • Jira: Delete PYMB?
  • ISNIs





  • worked on the editing UI for alternative releases/tracklists all week


  • mostly worked on cleaning up old PR’s for CritiqueBrainz
  • implemented a fix for MEB-34
  • upgraded sentry


  • Monday was a conference call with Dart music.
  • They are building a database, that started with a focus on Classical music. They’d like to share/trade.
  • had lunch with BMAT
  • Determined that they aren’t using the database that much, because they need to use the label’s own databases.
  • spoke with WolframAlpha
  • believe they agreed to give us a retroactive support payment, and some support going forward.
  • AND, to build something to help spot commercial users of our database and notify us, maybe.
  • trying to get Electricity! [for the office. -F]



  • nothing visible, but I have to finish some schema change things.


  • installed and updated many SSL certs, and did a lot of clean up related to this
  • did a lot of cleanup in our gateway nginx confs
  • (with @Rob) went through MBH tickets, and closed obsolete ones, plus fixed few
  • usual maintainance, server updates, nagios rules fixes
  • fixed a very annoying issue related to corosync and dns
  • we change the format of nginx logs on gateways, reducing the number of logs while preserving the valuable data, disk writes ops divided by 2




  • Worked on picard design a bit, basically the info dialogs.
  • Currently am working on displaying cover art changes in main window. Will propose a PR soon.
  • Besides that, last week was super busy with college assignments and quizzes (all the deadlines hit me pretty bad).


  • started working a bit on CB-203
  • tried to update and fix CB-36’s PR and CB-198’s PR

Bot CoC

@Freso has made some slight changes to our Bot Code of Conduct as per discussion two weeks ago.
Revised version is available at
All points that were brought up in the discussion on the forum are believed to have been resolved.

There were no objections adopting the revised Bot Code of Conduct.


Discussion about moving to only be available over HTTPS.

There were some concerns about libraries and programs not currently being able to access the web service over HTTPS.

In the end, we agreed on 1) making non-web service parts of HTTPS-only, 2) making all of HTTPS-only, and 3) make a blog post and reach out to client/library authors about our plans, with a note that they can test their HTTPS support against beta.mb.o to begin with.

Jira: Delete PYMB?

PYMB was an unused project in our ticket tracker. @Freso asked for permission to delete it, permission was granted, and it was deleted.


After 2½ years of nothing happening, we have started up talk again about becoming an ISNI member. So yay for that. :slight_smile:
We have also been offered a recent dump of the ISNI database, if anyone wants to write a bot or something to scrape the data and add it to MB.

There’s an open offer for anyone interested in trying to use the ISNI dump to add data to/fix data in MusicBrainz to get a copy of the dump. Just contact @Freso.


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The ISNI database sounds interesting but my scripting skills are out of practise.

Instead of looking at the dump maybe the bot should look up links to other databases and find it there.
VIAF entries contain an ISNI number so we could start crawling links out to external databases and add ISNI numbers.
Wikidata and other databases either contain an isni number directly or will link to somewhere that does.
It should be possible to look up wikidata then look up vaif or any of the other databases until you find an ISNI number.

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