MetaBrainz meeting notes


I have only read one third of this one yet. But those posts are superb ! :sparkling_heart::heart_eyes_cat::tada:

Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-04-18

Yup, great to be able to lazily follow along on project development, and the ongoing MetaBrainz office saga haha

Out of interest, how many of the people involved in these meetings are paid employees of MB?
Regardless, good job everybody


[This] ( should be an up-to-date list of MetaBrainz employees. A couple of the participants above are recently-accepted GSoC students.


But keep in mind it’s only the “MetaBrainz team” section. The “voluntary project leaders” listed on the same page aren’t employed by MeB. (As the “voluntary” indicates; but just to make sure.)