Notes from #MetaBrainz Meeting on 2016-04-11

MetaBrainz Meeting 2016-04-11

Meeting start: IRC Logs for #metabrainz | MetaBrainz Chatlogs


  • Reviews
  • Bot CoC
  • PICARD-807




  • finished a basic UI for the alternative release editing
  • now working on the Edit classes so you can actually submit the changes
  • also fixed some beta issues with the new AC editing stuff
  • maybe will have something to put on my sandbox for MBS-4501 at the end of the week


  • last week I had to show up at the office at 8:30am. effectively in the middle of the night. it was traumatic.
  • but the office then had a new power box installed.
    and today we had the 300mbit fiber optic installed.
  • still no power, but we have fiber. priorities, right? :slight_smile:
  • did the monthly finances and am happy to report hat we’ve had the best first quarter ever!
  • “I wonder if this is correlated to chrisskye’s efforts. :)”
    9:07 pm
  • did loads of the usual little of this little of that.
  • got embroiled in two conferences in the UK in the near term.



  • finished work on MBS-8720
  • set up a bot (brainzbot (BrainzBot) · GitHub) for jenkins to update build status and ask about builds, so now we can build every pull request for MBS and AB, CB
  • also reviewed some pull requests


  • finally released a new version of pymb, after 2 years


  • did a bunch of hacking on BookBrainz this week, working with LordSputnik to get a release pushed out with our direct-database branch.
  • With any luck, we’ll have a production release this week. It won’t have much that’s user-facing, but there are a handful of bugfixes that come as a consequence of that work, and some other ones as well.
  • also got some work done on my schema change ticket (multiple release barcodes). I need to make sure the current code can accommodate the schema changes, but I should have a PR out in a day or two for review.


  • Two style discussions closed and applied this week
  • So we now have a specific way of dealing with multi-layer/side mediums
  • And actual guidance for copyright rel dates
  • We also got rid of the [religious music] “artist”
  • Thanks mostly to who entered a few thousand edits to fix that mess
  • This week I’ll be opening another easy and hard discussion


  • Worked with Leftmost on the next release, which is going well. One thing to finish off tonight hopefully, then lots of testing
  • also learnt to use InfluxDB and Grafana, which may or may not be useful here in future :wink:
  • played around with ES6 modules, learnt a bit about Flux and React best practices, and made some improvements to BB following that


  • I tried to make Letsencrypt work with our gateways setup
  • but it is overcomplicated to get a proper setup with chef and HA in the way (at least for now)
  • supervised few PRs for Picard and userscripts, did the usual maintainance on servers (mostly upgrades, cleanup)
  • started to look at our requests / usage, which is abnormally high since sometimes
  • didnt find yet how we can improve the situation, apart increasing the bandwidth


  • had a look into AB-63. Rather I have started working on it.
  • @alastairp had already made a basic table displaying all the public datasets
  • have to put in a filter for the status of their last job.
  • also pagination as the number of datasets will go high in the future.


  1. After alastraip’s work, i learned a lot about chrome dev tools. Read more about XHR’s and function closures in js.
  1. Updated the 2 PR’s as usual. Once again, ready for review :slight_smile:
  2. There was a suggestion to add tests as well. So i spent this week learning nose and writing nosetests. I wrote some tests on my latest project GitHub - pinkeshbadjatiya/Nex: A mini Multi-Threaded ProxyServer + HTTPserver in python using socket programming (it is actualy a python server. the repo is private, though i can give access to anyone whose interested:) ). I also found that there is a newer version, nose2 which supports python3. So then migrated to nose2.
  3. I integrated some of my projects using Travis-CI and learned more about testing and integration with python3.


  • for the most part just going over the bbz codebase and getting up to speed with postgres
  • had a good talk in the last BBz meeting and think we have a better idea for how we will go ahead with gamification
  • courseload is a little crazy atm so i dont know how much i will get done of the next week or so, I will have to see how it pans out

Bot CoC

@Freso has posted a draft for a revised CoC posted at RFC: Revised Code of Conduct for bots - please review and comment.

@chirlu brought up something that wasn’t discussed last week: RFC: Revised Code of Conduct for bots - #2 by chirlu - the “to be implemented via code” part. (Ticket for it is at )

We decided to remove the parenthesis from the CoC but leave the ticket open, though it’s not going to get worked on any time soon.


Getting some feedback from server admins (that is, @Zas and @Rob) about PICARD-807, which is a feature request asking that Picard auto-reloads releases that failed to load.

@Zas agrees that the ticket is good and says it should be relatively simple and will have value even once we have moved to another server host.