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Greetings everyone!

The MusicBrainz Mobile App developers have been working at full capacity, improving the user experience, incorporating more features and functionalities, while making sure the core purpose of the app remains as promised.

Here are a few snippets glancing a sneak peek of the upcoming designs and features:

The most important revamp which has been worked on for the past few months is the Tagger feature in the MusicBrainz Android App.

Functionalities like fetching the local album arts, searching through all your local music files at one go, retrieving the cover art from the server, and heading to the recording directly are some of the key highlights of the upcoming Tagger.

Picard has finally made an official entry to the MusicBrainz App where users can now send their releases to the original Picard desktop app with the click of a button. This has been worked on in collaboration with the Picard team and proper documentation on its usage will be shared soon.

The completely new addition of Listen and Critique showcases the functionalities of ListenBrainz and CritiqueBrainz websites natively from the app. Currently, these will be available as advanced features on the app.

A well-prepared Onboarding and About section will take you through every important detail on the app and make sure you are aware of all the functionalities in the best and optimized way possible.

Proper documentation of every feature is being prepared and we are looking forward to finally have a Production release of the app on the play store, which is slated for this month.

We are really excited to make the MusicBrainz App as user-friendly as possible for you, while we take care of all the wonder behind it!

Github: metabrainz/musicbrainz-android

Play Store: MusicBrainz - Apps on Google Play

F-Droid: MusicBrainz | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

The stage is all yours and we are open to any suggestions, thoughts, ideas, and comments you have about the MusicBrainz App.

Thank you!


For F-Droid Users, MusicBrainz | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository :smiley:


I will add this to the post. Thanks for sharing @amCap1712 ! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Looks nice

Will it be possible to tag directly “Rating” on it?

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What I’d really like to see on the mobile app is the ability to scan a barcode and have it tell me if that release is in any of my collections. Even better would be if it would tell me if any member of the scanned release’s Release Group is in my collections.


Amazing!! Didn’t realise this was happening :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @ulugabi ! The Rating feature will directly be incorporated in the Recording activity :smiley:

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Hi @Billy_Yank thanks for the suggestion. This sounds great! I think we could add this functionality soon. Would be pretty convenient. Amazing!

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Thank you @aerozol :raised_hands:

I agree!
Any official way to see what is or is not in (my) collection(s) is needed.

In the meantime, you can use ZXing barcode scanner custom search combined with Collection highlighter.

With this method, you can see if the release in your hands has tracks that you don’t already have from other owned editions or compilations.


Thank you for sharing this @jesus2099!

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I am a bit confused by the version. The features merged so far, are they already on the play store? My installed app reports its version as 2.2.9, on GitHub version 4.6 had been tagged recently.

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Thanks for bringing this up @outsidecontext! I had a talk and we decided to change the version name scheming to 3 digits instead of 2. The reason being, we would reach version 10.0 or so very soon due to the 2 digit scheming and since version names on play store are not mandatory to be sequential, we decided to switch to the 3 digit naming scheme.

Recently @lucifer had pointed out that maybe on F-Droid we might need to follow a sequential naming scheme, yet I personally see that F-Droid has supported 3 digit naming scheme currently. So if all goes well, the next version name could be 2.3.0 (if 3 digit scheme supported on all platforms) or 4.6 (if not).

The features will be released soon and are not yet live on the play store!


Am I the only one who wants an iOS app? This looks cool, but I’ve never used Android in my life and having to use Safari to browse through MB is a pain.

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Let’s have a poll soon and ask the community whether the iOS app for MB should be worked on or not. I would love to do it!