Is it possible to get a discography completion stat/missing tracks?

I have music from some artists that have a frankly ridiculous amount of releases. I’ve gotten what I think are all of them, but over time and with new releases, I can’t be sure I haven’t missed an EP/Single/Etc. Is it possible to get a list of all releases of an artist, which I don’t have in my library?


The main reason I use MusicBrainz is to keep track of my collection.

When I am in a flea market, second hand shop, CD shop, I want to know if that compilation or single will bring me recordings I don’t already own in this artist albums or if I already have any edition of that album, etc.

There used to be such a feature in old version of MB but it was very limited as a feature, only the equivalent of the release groups were managed.

I wish this collection all item highlighting can become part of MBS one day:

Until then, I have to use outdated Firefox for Android 68.11.0 (last version to support user scripts) and mb. COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER.

All questions regarding my user script should be sent to this above linked new topic.

Sorry @rdswift, @gremious, @outsidecontext, @aerozol, I have removed and rewrite my post as its own topic, to allow it being in my list of user script support topics.


Markers for items in collection is also very nice when combined with ratings, to see what you are really missing the most in your collection: missing items with (your own) good ratings.