iTunes UPC Database

Documentation is back up on Apple’s website.

I may have found the file you are looking for. It is listed as “video match XX-XX-XX” in the Google folder.
Please let me know if it is the file you are looking for.


This is so great - extremely helpful! I only saw your post just now. Otherwise, I would have thanked you sooner. Well, thanks a lot!!

Q3 2021 Incremental Update

I noted that the Apple Enterprise Partner Feed Support Personnel had not released an updated complete match database since July 2021. I submitted a support ticket inquiring as to the cause of this.

Per response to my support ticket inquiry dated 09/30/2021:

“The EPF feed is currently being updated to a new version (v5). The new feed will be live in the coming weeks and will include Apple Music data and updates to help efficiency.”

Hopefully, this will be updated by Q4 2021. I will check every so often for an update, but I can not commit that a complete update will be uploaded anytime soon.

In the meantime, I uploaded as many of the incremental files as I was able to locate and they are located in the “Q3 2021 Incremental” folder.



Greetings all,

Apple appears to have completed their conversion to the new EPF v5 feed sometime in Nov 2021. They also pulled all database files off the EPF site dated prior to 11/25/2021.
Apple changed their folder hierarchy in v5, but I believe that I have correctly identified the correct full match files that I uploaded previously.
The new files are dated 2021-12-07 in the Google Folder folder.
I will need the community to test and confirm this assumption. Please let me know if you find something amiss.

Thanks everyone,



Hi there! Is there any way you can tell me a little better how to get the UPC? I did everything I was told in your initial post, but I cant seem to get an actual UPC (that looks like one anyway).

or better yet, can you give me the UPC to this album?

Right click on the page, and select “view page source”. Search for “UPC”. It’s there. I collect the database because it’s helpful for releases that have been pulled from Apple Music and are no longer available. If you don’t mind using scripts I’d use the following:

It gives you the UPC as well.


This seems to no longer work as of today. I hope they still will have these files available.

@tigerman325 any ways to have access to the whole Apple Music DB?
Is this db will be one day ingested into MB ?

I have nothing to do with this. However, the files that Daniel is posting is the entire Apple Music DB on the date that the file is named. They don’t change (because you download them locally to your hard drive), so it’s good to have for when releases are removed from Apple Music, you have a file that has the old IDs-barcodes match. There is no automatic way of adding all metadata to MB with these files. You have to just do it the traditional one release at a time way.

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I concur with @tigerman325.

I am providing the files for use by others and myself.

I do not have plans to do anything more than this at this time.

@DanielTB80 where did you have access to it ? If this is the whole UPC one, do you have same kind of table for ISRC? it will be really cool to map all track from Apple

Per the guidance from Enterprise Partner Feed - Apple Services Performance Partners, the tables for ISRC should be found in the song_match and video_match database files.

I have previously posted the video_match database so it is already on the Google Drive. I just posted the song_match database, so see if that gives you what you need.


Ok clear, thank you for the quick answer on it.
Is this access easy to have or do we need to be a professional ?
They said that, we need to send an email to have access to it ? @DanielTB80 do you have personnal or a pro access?

Honestly, I am surprised I have access to the data.
I signed up a couple years ago and stated I wanted to help musicbrainz with content management, purely in a personal role.

There is a link at the top of the page I previously linked to where you can sign up. It looks like the sign-up options have changed since I applied and a quick read through indicates that they possibly have gotten a bit stricter on the approval process based on the requirements I am seeing, but I can’t remember with certainty what the approval requirements were before.

Worst case, apply and see what they have to say. Good luck!


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Does the database include releases that were exclusive to countries other than US?

The binary viewer cannot find this release.

I’ve been able to find many that were. However, they had to exist at the date on the file. The earliest database is 1-9-2020, so if that release was no longer available on iTunes at that point (which looks like the case, since you had to go to archives to find it and it was released in 2012) it wouldn’t be found in the database. In other words, when removed from Apple Music/iTunes, no longer in database. This is why I download all the database updates and even still you’ll find releases that were released and pulled within the 3 months that separate database drops.


Yeah, I did check both the latest and earliest database available and couldn’t find it.

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Hello all, I am working with the EPF dumps and have written scripts to parse them into CSV files; would anyone find these more convenient than binaries? Happy to share.

I am also looking for an older version of the dumps from around 2010, if you happen to have one please let me know.