I need help with this release

This release only had an iTunes link, which is currently unavailable, but using Web Archive and the UPC Database, I was able to recover the barcode. Then while I was checking other releases of the album on different platforms I found that Spotify, Deezer and Tidal have the same barcode, so normally I added them up to the release. Only now I realized that they all have a different tracklist. How is that possible?

Spotify has Check on It, Deezer has Get Me Bodied (extended mix) and Tidal has the same tracks as iTunes, but in a different order and all 4 tracks appear as track 11. I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be the same release, but someone probably fucked it up and entered all bonus tracks as track 11, which works on Tidal but not on Spotify and Deezer.

Should I add a release for each of these platforms, or do I just add an annotation mentioning the tracklist difference? In practice, you can’t really listen to the missing tracks on Spotify and Deezer by accessing the album because they don’t even appear on the tracklist. There’s also the possibility of them fixing this up in the future. Anyway, don’t know what to do. lol

If you’ve confirmed no issues/errors with the history, I’d create multiple releases with duplicates barcodes similar to what I’ve done when cover art or track listing changes. Also sometimes digital and physical releases share barcodes.