Introduction thread!

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@jesus2099 suggested I put my intro up, so here is a revamped edition.

I have been collecting music since the early 1970’s, mostly rock, with some blues and jazz. The first 45rpm singles that I purchased, with my own money, were “The Cover of Rolling Stone” and “Dueling Banjos”. But most of my music was in album form, since both of my parents worked on the LP pressing lines at the Columbia Records plants (Terre Haute, IN & Carrollton, GA). Every Christmas and birthday, I would get a nice, fat stack of LPs. So that set in motion the music collecting. I actually worked in the same buildings in Terre Haute, that my parents did, but they were called Sony DADC not CBS Records. I maintained and calibrated measurement equipment for the manufacture of CDs, DVDs and BDs. Unfortunately, I was laid off from DADC in the Spring of 2018. Some folks say that physical media is a dying format, after all.
I have been using and maintaining computers since the early 80’s and I also started maintaining a personal music database using Swift on my Commodore-128 in the late 80’s. I later designed and created a database using MS Access in the early 90’s, which I still use today, but I do port it over to MS Excel and a .PDF, for normal folks to read.
As far as the Hi-Fi stuff, well I remember drooling over the very large Pioneer receivers and open-reel machines in the late 70’s and I was hooked. I’ve been collecting and upgrading gear on a budget scale, ever since.
I have been involved with computer audio since the late 90’s. I remember recording LPs or cassettes to wave files, then worrying about hard drive space, until I burned the files to a CD. I am so glad the days of small HDDs are history. I am currently at the over 32k mark for music files on my NAS, what a long way from 40MB HDDs, eh? I have been using EAC and foobar2000 on my systems (Linux and Windows) for years and I also use several USB DACs for audio output. Now that I am more into quality (i.e. lossless & hi-res) one-time tagging has become important. So back in 2009, I decided to join this project, I tried to help out, where I could. As far as my personal music files, there always seems to be something that needs to be fixed, right? Cheers, all!


Oh, how rude of me! My name is Lee and I’m from the United States (Terre Haute, Indiana to be specific.) I’m from and currently live in Terre Haute, but I did live in Colorado for over twenty years. I’m also an U.S. Air Force veteran with almost ten years in and was stationed in Colorado and the former West Germany. I used to play the trumpet in my earlier life (actually I still have it and would love to start again.) I have spent most of my career as a field engineer or service technician (electronic/calibration/computer) with a couple assorted degrees, such as an BSEET and BSTC. Later everyone! :grinning:


Hello Everyone! I am Prabhleen, in my second year of B.Tech graduation in IT field. I have done projects on open source and participated in Hackthon. I am comfortable with node.js and Express, and willing to learn React so that i can contribute more.
When i started exploring projects, Book-Brainz caught my attention, and i also found some small issues that i can resolve.
I cloned the code for Book-Brainz on my local system and was beginning to edit it in VSCode. @mr_monkey(can u help?) I am just getting some error while running it. i have installed node.js and npm commands are working fine but to install postgresql, i have to use “sudo apt-get install postgresql” which throws an error as “no such cmdlet, function, …”.
i am getting what are the isues specified in the tickets and really want to contribute, but just little stuck with getting the code running on my system.
Anyone here, who is also using VScode, do suggest.

also i am not able to join the IRC channel. I don’t know why, but i denies the connection the server everytime. So, please suggest the latest link to join your IRC channel.
Thank You. :slight_smile:


Hi Prabhleen, and welcome to our community!

First things first: for IRC, there is a web-based client you can use:
If that doesn’t work, I suggest installing an IRC client on your computer.
Is it possible that your network blocks the connection?

Now for installing Postgres, I had a look at the error you mentioned. It seems to me (correct me if I’m wrong) that you are using Windows, in which case the command sudo apt-get… certainly won’t work, as it is meant for Linux users :slight_smile:
Head here for Windows download instructions:

Overall, here’s what I would suggest: run the dependencies (Postgres, ElasticSearch and Redis) using Docker (as described here), while running the webserver locally (outside of Docker. This is described here).
In my opinion that’s the easiest way to run you local development, and the one I use myself.

Good luck with the continuation, and let us know if you got yourself set up ! :slight_smile:


@mr_monkey thanks a lot! :grinning:

i will try installing IRC client on my system.

i have installed postgress, and now going to set up dependencies outside docker.(using: i hope this will go right.
Plus, if i am not using docker then, redis and elasticsearch also require installation?

if the above doesn’t work, then i will try using docker (because it requires great internet connection)

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Hola metabrainz community!! :smiley:

I am Divyanshu Raj, a sophomore all the way from India, pursuing my undergrad degree from IIT-ROORKEE.
I have been involved in web development from my high school. i am very much passionate about development and Open source is fuel to my passion :blush:.
i am a big fan of REACT , node.js for backend , postgresql and mysql for database , i am also fluent with WEB API such as
javascript libraries such as VELOCITY.js ,ANIME.js and GSAP for animations across webpages.
I actually have started contributing to bookbrainz-site , before giving my intro over here :sweat_smile:, ya i Agree that much i love development :blush:.

For now, I am looking forward to bring some innovative changes on bookbrainz-site this year during GSOC’20.

One problem I am facing here is, on Irc channel, I have to see the chat logs explicitly every time. Whenever I log out of my Irc channel the chat is gone. That really sucks :sweat_smile:.

Is there any other way out to make conversations more interactive and fast???


Fortunately, chat logs are publicly available at


yeah ! i get it .
thanks @yvanzo

Welcome !

Some of us use IRCCloud, which keeps you connected to the channel for 2 hours for the free version.
I’m sure there are other ways out there to stay connected while you’re out, though!
Search for IRC bouncer.


Hi there!

I am Rui Xi (Sirius), a senior at Sun Yat-sen University. I have been watching Google Summer of Code 2020 since early this year and find your project, the CritiqueBrainz project from MetaBrainz. I get down to CritiqueBrainz’s review aggregation project and find it perfectly meet my qualifications - I have a firm grasp of Python3 and Flask web application development. I led and developed (together with my teammates) a Task submission, tracking and rating platform, called Hands-on-Money (you can view its document in here ), using Pyhton3 Flask and Vue.

I have gone through the CritiqueBrainz webpage and registered an account. It is a fantastic platform with high-quality reviews. More reviews are the only thing that is missing (a review rating may also be good). I can contribute some RESTful APIs and UI widgets to the codebase. Meanwhile, I should add some ProgreSQL table to store external URLs and their previews. Also, I can write web crawlers to enrich its content, if possible.

I read the CB-36 ticket carefully, and I also browsed the related discussion. I am really looking forward to extra materials to have a more comprehensive understanding of your project’s needs. And, I was wondering whether it helps or not if I get down to the good-first-bug issue after I deployed the CB system.


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Add more statistics and graphs for users and our community

Hi… I am graduate researcher currently pursuing CS major degree from Pune University, India. I have strong experience in Apache spark, Python, Javascript, Reccomendation systems, etc looking forward to contribut Add more statistics and graphs for users and our community. I have several ideas to implement. let me know how it can be done together. looking forward a great learning !
kindly provide the info how to get started


Hi folks, I am Adithya. About myself, I am an 18 year old student staying in India. I discovered ListenBrainz around October 2020 when searching for a platform to aggregate my music listening history across multiple platforms. Later I discovered but this open source alternative seemed better. From LB, I discovered the other organizations under MetaBrainz and thought of trying them out too. So I decided to stick around here, open few issues and solve some. Looking to have a great time here :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi everyone! I’m Jojo, an undergrad student at UC Berkeley studying computer science. I am new to open source contributions and am excited to help out! I have experience in Python, React, Javascript, UI/UX design. Love what MetaBrainz is doing!