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I just noticed this thread, so here’s a bit about me…

My name is Bob and I live in Alberta, Canada. I’m a mechanical engineer and have ZERO musical ability other than listening. :slight_smile:

I first discovered MusicBrainz a couple of years ago when I started ripping and tagging my CD collection. I try to add / edit stuff as I find it in my collection and missing on MusicBrainz. In my spare time I enjoy doing some open source programming work and just submitted my first Picard plugin for consideration (giving me an excuse to start learning Python). It’s nice to be able to contribute something back to the MusicBrainz community.



Introducing myself here. I’ve been a music collector since my childhood and recently (two years ago) began cataloging my music on here and discogs.

Recently I began chatting it up in the IRC channel. So, I have thousands of CD’s in my den (throughout my house) and slowly working on refurbishing the ones I own and obtaining new works. Most of my collection are works of ancient music (classical, romantic, baroque) while a growing number are contemporary.

As such, I’m slowly learning the habits of a good submission and learning from mistakes over the last few years. I have a long long way to go before my project is realized. I have many obscure classical recordings that have little in the way of documentation so I hope to make a little impact on the Classical end.

My hobbies are many and focus shifts from time to time. But, I always return to my old hobbies as interests run dry of the other ones.

Currently, my focus on obtaining new music are original CD releases of 80’s and 90’s alternative and rock releases. I’m having a blast with it. I thoroughly enjoy reading through the album art as I listen to them. Luckily it has turned into a relatively inexpensive hobby (as opposed to golf).

That’s it for now. Nice to meet you all.


Cleanup / moderation / split / complex requests

Hello there, everybody! My username is Adimetro00 but you can call me Adi.

I am from Indonesia, and I have been using MusicBrainz since three years ago. I first came here out of concern that a lot of Japanese albums didn’t get any recognition at all and I’m aiming to fix that.

I mainly deal with doujin (Independent Japanese Artists) releases, and I’m going to add in a lot of releases from a certain circle known as Foxtail-Grass Studio.

Anyone here doing the same and wants to correct any mistakes?



Hello everybody.
I’m a long-time user of Discogs, but every now and them I’m searching for floss alternatives for all kinds of apps and services I’m using. I guess with a little more data added MusicBrainz will also be a viable alternative to Whosampled.
Coincidentally the service that lead me to MusicBrainz - alternativeto - is one of the last non free services I’m still using. Maybe we need SoftwareBrainz? :slight_smile:

When I saw you have a Discourse forum I just had to join. Luckily @reosarevok helped me set up an account without having to do a captcha, as I am a big G%§$e-hater and blocked all their domains via hosts file which also blocks re-capchas.
This is the 5th Discourse forum I’ve joined. I’m even a moderator at the Fairphone Forum.

According to my Music Player Banshee my Music Collection is 38.480 songs, 110.5 days and 274.7 GB large.
I mainly listen to (Underground-, Instrumental-, Conscious- & 90s-)-Hip-Hop and will contribute data in that field whenever I see something missing.

Greetings from Vienna, Austria!


Why are we still using G%§$e re-captcha?

Hi I am Kurian Benoy from India. I was checking out the Metabrainz projects and I would like to contribute to Acoustic brainz or some MetaBrainz project. I am quite familiar with Python , web frameworks like Flask, Djagno ,Javascript and I have used postgres database. I would like to contribute to metabrainz and my aim is to contribute enough and look forward to working with Metabrainz a Google CodeIn mentor and GSOC 2019 student.




Hi Kurian Bennoy, welcome to Metabrainz and thanks for introducing yourself.
The quickest way to meet the people who code and to see what they are doing seems to be to use IRC.


The MetaBrainz/MusicBrainz team, as well as MusicBrainz users, hang out in the #musicbrainz and #metabrainz channels on IRC chat at If you don’t have an IRC client installed, consider using this webchat client instead. Please feel free to browse the IRC log archives.




:wave: Kia ora koutou katoa. Hello everyone. I’m known as TrisquelWhare across many online communities, but feel free to refer to me as just TW if you wish. My username denotes that I use Trisquel GNU/Linux, and that I am from :new_zealand: New Zealand. The word “whare” is the NZ Māori word for house or home, hence “I use Trisquel GNU/Linux at home”. I was raised and live still in suburban West Auckland, where I am currently a sickness beneficiary after having had a major heart attack and seizures a couple of years ago. My working life mostly involved computer hardware, including OEM system building, running my own business doing upgrades and repairs, and teaching CompTIA A+ certification courses. I have been away from the computer industry for many years now though, and would consider myself to be more of a “power end-user” rather than any kind of computer professional now. I have been exclusively running GNU/Linux-based systems at home for about 10 years, and I am a bit of a “script kiddie”, only capable of wrangling existing code to make it suit my needs. Basically, I am a computer jack-of-all-trades, and have a little experience of a wide variety of technical pursuits.

As an older adult, I was diagnosed recently with Asperger Syndrome, meaning that I am on the Autism Spectrum. For myself this means that I tend to hyper-focus on narrowly-defined interests, being able to concentrate for long periods of time on minutiae. My focus tends to jump from one obsession to another, but while my interest is piqued, I can be quite productive. I hope to make use of some of that energy by contributing here to the MusicBrainz database. There are often other, less desirable side-effects of being on the Spectrum, and I will strive to keep those in check in my interactions here, but your tolerance would be appreciated.

I look forward to getting to know other contributors here, and learning more about how to improve my own music collection’s metadata, as well as how best to contribute to the wealth of information being made available through MusicBrainz.



Kia ora from Wellington!
MB provides a never ending place to focus and spend time on - but also a rewarding and varied one, as you are helping a global database, and you can change your editing focus depending on your current interests (e.g. tidying up a label or artist, tagging your collection, voting on other peoples edits, cleaning up reports, scanning art, ‘discussing’ guideline minutiae on the forum… the list goes on!). I hope you find as much enjoyment in your time here as I have with mine.
I’ve subscribed to your edits, feel free to ask any questions in your notes or on here!
Ngā mihi nui



Kia ora @aerozol, kei te pēhea koe? Thank you for the warm welcome. I was pleasantly surprised to find an active user here from New Zealand. Are there many others of us active here, from amongst the 296 currently registered Kiwi MusicBrainz users?

I have now subscribed to your edits, so I now have my first subscriber and my first editor subscription. I’m slowly learning how this interface works. I see your tags with underscores in front of them, and I am inspired, thanks. I will no doubt be following many of your examples as I establish my own presence here.

I see also that you’re into cassette recordings as a medium. There was an article in the local news media just recently about how cassettes are making a comeback these days. I well remember the days of compiling personal mix tapes recorded direct from the airwaves, haha. On MB, I’ll mostly be concentrating on Free Cultural Works and Creative Commons licensed releases, particularly those made available via Jamendo. I’m starting from the monthly playlists as selected by the Jamendo staff, and from there I want to build out the missing information for each track here on MB. My place to start will be a personal playlist on Jamendo which I have created of my own favourite tracks from amongst the 2018 “Best of” Jamendo monthly playlists. My very first edits here in the MB database are from the first such track from my personal playlist. I intend first to capture the information about that track, then the whole album, then the entire discography of that artist, and then move on to the next track in the playlist and do the same. I will no doubt be developing some form of procedure for myself along the way, to help standardise my contributions, and I will appreciate any advice and guidance you can offer as I do so.

Thanks again for reaching out. Ka kite anō.



Kei te pai!
I’m not really sure about people from NZ to be honest, but there are a few editors who repeatedly pop up editing NZ releases and artists which is always nice to see!
Cassettes are definitely making a comeback, but in the punk scene, especially smaller ones, I’m not sure they ever really went away, because of how easy and cheap they are to duplicate. With CD’s being on the way out and vinyl being expensive to press when you’re in the ass end of the world (excuse me!) it’s nice to have something physical you can put out for a few dollars. It is a shame when they sound bad though, which is often the case!
Have fun editing, sounds like you’ll have plenty to do!



Hello…newbie here referred by our streaming provider Securenet Systems, when I inquired about getting more album art showing up on our web player. We’re a jazz radio station, and I’m happy to help add our music to the Brainz. I’m filling in all the info I can find, and it looks like linking to the Amazon ASIN takes care of the cover art.
Please let me know if I’m screwing it up!
Thanks… Andy

(I began with: )

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Voting/Auto-editor Request Thread

Ideally MB would like you to stick that CD or Vinyl onto a scanner and then upload a scan from the actual release. That way other people know they have the exact same copy as you do.

As you have spotted there is a fallback of using a link to Amazon. Please do check carefully you are really matching up the same release - CD to CD, Digital to Digital, etc. Amazon artwork is seen as “better than nothing” as it is usually accurate, but sometimes can be miles out.

Looking at that link you have supplied it looks okay. Assuming what you have at your end are the MP3s from Amazon. Just leave lots of verbose notes about where you get your information from and that allows other people to crosscheck and help where needed. So maybe say a little more than just an Amazon link.

If what you actually have are MP3s copied from a CD sourced from elsewhere, then you should actually be adding details about the real source CD.



Thanks, Ivan. I’ve discovered this is a lot more involved than I anticipated! But I appreciate the thoroughness of info. I will be more careful and thorough when adding full CDs…or just stick to adding album art links where the music already is cataloged here. I deal almost entirely in actual CDs (or a radio single ripped from the actual CD) so I’ll be more careful that I’m supplementing information (such as Amazon) from the same recording.



@JazzHallRadio a lot of the manual work can be reduced by getting used to Picard. It can directly lookup the CD’s “discID” in the MB database reducing your search time. In return it then adds the MusicBrainz IDs to your MP3 files speeding up the lookups while streaming.

(Shortly I expect a mod will bounce this little conversation into a new thread - just keep asking questions in the forum and you’ll learn plenty of tricks to speed up what you are trying to achieve.)



Hello there everyone i’m Derek and i’m new here. So why am i here???

I have a large media collection spread over vinyl, cd, dvd etc and rip my collection often, i recently set up a freenas & Retropie set up with Kodi so i could stream media around my flat. The problem i have is my cd collection is frustrating to rip. I use a mix of Asunder CD Ripper, Rhythmbox & Banshee media player mixed with a program called easytag for adding correct tags.

The problem with this is not all my collection gets tagged properly and Kodi plays hell showing double albums, missing covers, missing artist info etc. So after looking at information on Kodi i came across the musicbrainz app which after a install in Linux it’s cleaning up my collection very nice with all correct info.

Trying to get to grips with adding albums to database with covers, cd id etc so may of made one or two mistakes or need to continue to learn to do it better but so far i’m a very happy. I look forward to adding all the albums i own than are not on the database.

Thank you for this wonderful database and app :slight_smile:



Hello fellow KODI user. It was my khaotic tags konfusing KODI that also brought me here initially… but this has pushed me beyond KODI levels of tagging now. A case of waiting for KODI to now catch up with all the options that MB tags supply :smiley:

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Hi @electricwildflower, and welcome, from a fellow MB newbie. I see that you use EasyTag, which I also previously used. Just a word of advice on that: avoid editing *.ogg files with EasyTag, as it may corrupt them beyond repair! See this bug report from 2016, which is still unfixed in the latest version some 3 years later. MB Picard is a great replacement for EasyTag. I’m now using a combination of Picard and Quod Libet (with the MB plugins) on my GNU/Linux systems at home.



Hello Metabrainz!

My name is Rihan Pereira. I am currently a graduate student at California State University, Channel Islands. I am originally from India but presently studying in Sunny Southern California :smiley: I speak english/hindi/marathi(native). I listen to world music, basically any tune that catches my ears. Mostly, I listen to classic rock(dire straits, deep purple, led zeppelin, etc), reggae(bob marley, UB40, etc). I also listen to metal(limited to metallica, lamb of god, iron maiden, judas priest, megadeth) and some popular music from languages that I speak. I am also read books(mostly, non-fiction) but I do enjoy comics. I love the idea behind Musicbrainz and its sister projects! I have a background in software development and I am looking forward to contribute to a project under bookbrainz not only under gsoc 2019 but also after that. In fact, the knowledge I grasp will be win-win for me to be incorporated in my own project. Happy to be here.



@rihan27 Welcome aboard! You will find the Brainz forum contributors are passionate about all types of music and willing to help in many ways. Enjoy the ride. :smile:



Hi there!
I am Qingzhi :slight_smile: I am from China but currently study in the Netherlands. I am a newbie here and I get to know metabrainz quite a few months ago and still exploring the things around a bit. My major at school is Statistics but I also do lots of programming in my spare time. I am very excited to join an open source community concerning music and I also play the piano over 10 years now.

Nice to meet you all :slight_smile: