Introduction thread!

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Assuming you mean adding albums to the database?
There’s guides here:
And a video guide here:

Don’t worry about asking questions!!!


Thank you aerozol. I was hoping that I could use Picard to add some releases from Bandcamp but this video is very helpful and I should probably start doing this first. I was lured by the “if you’re lazy use Picard” sales pitch (I am lazy). I have 3 days left on my introductory application of a band called (monkeysphere) which currently has 0 votes. As I read it, In three days with no votes it will be accepted and I will add one of their releases. Once that’s done. I can start working on more things. Thank you for your help. The tutorial is just what I need.


Hi there!

I am Rubén (@rubencabrera), from Spain. I found through, the tagging library using data from musicbrainz to match IDE tags.

I love music and having it well organized is something that really pleases me. Sadly, Spanish music is usually very badly tagged, if it is at all, so I hope I can contribute there.

I also collect books and have a vast ebook collection I need to put some order to, so I’m really glad there’s also Bookbrainz!

I (try to) play guitars and I am a software developer. I would be very glad to contribute to the development of any application that makes tagging music in an universal manner easier. I just saw that account registering is blocked and when looking for a systems administrator there are no accounts or emails listed. Guess that’s the first bug I could try to solve. If anybody can help me on how to get an account and start lurking the code, I hope I can be of help to the wonderful ideas around musicbrainz.

Have a nice day y’all!


Hello, and welcome! :slight_smile:

Where in Spain do you live? MetaBrainz has our “European headquarters” in Barcelona, so if you’re here, maybe we could meet up at some point.

Where did you see this? If for Jira/the ticket tracker, it should also redirect you to ask on IRC. If for the forums - that’s because you’re supposed to use your account here. We’re trying to unify our accounts so that the (or possibly by then) account will be used for logging in to all of the related services (forums, wiki, ticket tracker, …).

Where do you need an account? And you don’t need to sign up for anything for access to any of our code. It’s all completely publicly available from


I live in Valencia, it’s not that close but not that far away, let’s keep in contact and see when an opportunity arises.

You’re right, sorry! I got to and found myself into a dead end, but in the ticket system there’s the reference to the #metabrainz channel.

I just wanted to see some issues or tickets to check if I could start tinkering. I saw they are redirected from github to the closed ticket system, that’s why I asked for an account, maybe unnecessarily. Any help on where to start contributing is very welcome and I’ll do my best to follow your guidelines.



You should be able to browse the tickets via just fine, even without an account. I usually point prospective Summer of Code students to for help getting started - but it should also work well as an aid for others. :wink:


Looks like I have some homework to do! I’ll try to follow issues using the RSS feed, as I don’t see any other option to subscribe.

See you on the IRC channel, I will also try and introduce new data into de DB.

Thanks for your help.


Hi, I am Piyush from India, currently pursuing Btech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I have a large music library and I like to see it well organised and tagged. So, I use the musicbrainz database through musicbee to tag my music.
I listen to pop, edm, rap, rock, instrumental(classical, soundtracks, etc.), hindi(indian) songs, etc.
But the database doesnt contain data about many of the instrumental and hindi songs. So I wish to add those.
Also, I want to contribute to the code of picard or any other open source technology. I know basic python and java and also android development. But I am willing to and can learn new things very quickly, if required.
So, please guide me how to contribute. Since I am new to Open Source as well as the MetaBrainz Community.


Welcome, @piyushgoel997 :slight_smile: and thank you for introducing yourself! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

I am Anita, from the Netherlands. I joined this community only a few weeks ago, to list my new CD album. I am a music composer (pop - contemporary jazz) and I sing, play the piano/keyboard and the flute. To write down my scores, I use the program Sibelius. I have my own independent record label and I produce my music in my own home studio, using Sonar. Also, I am a graphics designer and a web developer. Oh, and I used to be a lawyer, and I still help my husband with legal and personnel affairs and some other things in his business.

I discovered Music Brainz because I found out that my singing teacher from United States had listed her CD here! I had never joined an internet community before, so everything was new for me! But I can tell you @piyushgoel997, that this is a very friendly and competent experts group, and they all will help you out when you experience difficulties with the site! Just ask in the forum, if you have a problem :wink:

I’m sure there are a lot of instrumentals in the database already, but, as we cannot set a type for them (yet), they do not show up when people are looking for them :disappointed: :cry:
You might be interested in this forum thread where we are discussing how to let instrumentals show up in the database, when people search for them :slight_smile:

Oh and that’s just wonderful, that you know python and other script languages! I am sure that you can contribute in a great way, to help this database becoming the most complete Music Encyclopedia of the world! :slight_smile:


First off, welcome! Second off, I’ll just quote myself from just a couple posts before :wink: :

So start there and once you’re at a loss, come on IRC and ask more specific questions, or ask in the relevant sub-forum here. :slight_smile:



another frenchie here, thanks all for the submissions. i’ll try to contribute the best i can.

2 quick questions:

Is the site Discogs like (submissions/votes) ?
Is it possible to display album art in the collection tab ?


Display cover arts in MusicBrainz pages: “mb. FUNKEY ILLUSTRATED RECORDS”

Bienvenue !

  1. Yes, there is a review process like in Discogs, Wikipedia, or Encyclopaedia Metallum.
    Voir aussi l’article comparatif de Numerama en 2013 (in French).
  2. It is not possible for now. You can file a feature request in the tickets tracker about it. It will most probably not be a top priority, but it will be considered eventually.


Luckily until it’s made into a feature, @jesus2099 has a userscript that works great:

edit: sorry, I see jesus2099 already made a thread about it!!


Hi, I’m Daniel from Germany and I’m happy being able to contribute to this great project. I found out about MusicBrainz years ago, because I had the idea of creating a database for music where you can find out where certain songs are from etc. Obviously someone had that idea before me. :laughing: Really active on this project am I just for a few days yet, discovering it through Google-CodeIn again. I’m doing my very best to help this project, although I have some problems understanding the API to do some coding yet.
Btw: At the most times I hear dance music because I like dancing and this kind of music seems to be stuck in my ear (as Germans would call it “Ohrwurm”). :grin: Nevertheless I’m happy to take part in this project. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone, Iam Marcus Shmidt and iam just arrived here, wanted to say everyone Hello :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone ,
I am Jyoti Narang .I just joined the MusicBrainz community . I am currently studying Music Technology program at Georgia Tech . I heard of this project via the GSOC (which I cannot apply to for some reasons :P) I still love the word “MusicBrainz” and hence would like to meet everyone here .
I am a passionate musician and love mathematics which made me a programmer . Hence ,I decided to work on this domain to contribute whatever little I can . I am still trying to explore on the things being done in the musicbrainz community . Is there work being done on recommendation engines as well as part of the project since the project seems to have a good database already ?


Between #musicbrainz and #acousticbrainz and #listenbrainz, we actually now have all the cogs needed for a completely open recommendation engine… So now we just need someone to make this. Feel free to volunteer/give it a go! :wink:

Also, the database may be quite good as it is, but there will always be more data to add and data to fix. :slight_smile:


oh wow Freso .This is exciting . I have still not seen the codebase.How do I see it ?



Most code for the MetaBrainz projects is on Github at

See also for general information how to get involved.


Yes and it is…Exciting…