Why are we still using G%§$e re-captcha?

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When I joined MB almost a year ago it was necessary to send one’s personal data to G%§$e to create a Brainz account.

I hope this goes against all that a free and open database foundation like MetaBrainz stands for, so I wonder why we are still doing it? When I open the register page in a private window I can see google.com in the list of trackers in the Privacy Badger addon.
The register page doesn’t say that the G%§$e privacy policy applies and our privacy policy page doesn’t mention G%§$e either - except for the jucky sponsored-by-bit on the bottom of the page. I doubt that is even legal. Most people who sign up for MB probably have no idea that by transcribing some wiggly text they are selling their soul to the devil falling victim to surveillance capitalism.

I’m sure the decision to stop using G%§$e analytics was not made for convenience, but out of principle, so can we please move to an alternative for re-Captcha too, like this, this or this? Thanks.


It does (specifically) mention reCAPTCHA though:

  1. reCAPTCHA: Our account creation page loads third party content in order to prevent spammers from creating accounts.

Please tone the hyperbole down. It’s fine to dislike big corporations and criticise them, but I feel like you’re going a bit overboard here.

I’ve filed a ticket on your behalf, which would be a first step for this:


You’re absolutely right. I changed my words to something more factual.


I absolutely agree that none of these are good optics, but I have learned that it’s best to tackle one issue at a time. Also reCaptcha is the issue that makes all users be part of the system unknowingly while accepting money from big corporations and working with them in coding projects is mostly done knowingly and willingly. My intention is not to proselytize people who are willingly choosing to live a different lifestyle than me.

Also I’m trying to pick battles that I know I could maybe possibly win. If even the FSF is sponsored by G%§$e I don’t think I’ll be able to change anything here.

Here is a good read about that whole issue: