IRC server connection denied

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Communication / IRC - MusicBrainz should be up do date.

Can you quote the exact message you’re getting? Have you tried with a dedicated IRC client rather than using the freenode web client (which I assume is what you’ve tried to use, since that’s what we link in the above linked document)?

@Freso thank you!.. yes, you got right. i tried with only free-node server

i used “IRCnet” server which worked fine, but “freenode” not working.

The MetaBrainz IRC channels are only on the freenode network, not on IRCnet or other networks.

If it doesn’t help to connect to freenode through another IRC client. I’d redirect you to read but without more information to go on, I don’t think there’s much I can do to help you. Consider contacting freenode’s support at and maybe they’ll be able to assist you more.


Please provide the error message you should find in the console.

Use as it will not be IP blocked like your computer could be.
Sometimes you will have to try another nickname.

It all depends on your error message.


@fresco, thanks a lot! The link is really useful. I will surely connect on free-node in a while. :slight_smile:

this is the page that i get everytime i enter my details, and now it has been over an hour and still the same!

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Check any adblockers or other extensions that might interfere. Or, as I’ve suggested before, try and use a dedicated IRC client.