Introduction thread!

Hi! I’m Kurumi from Tokyo, Japan! :grinning:

(My name Kurumi means walnut in Japanese! :laughing: )

I love music and programming very much, and that’s the reason why I found this community.

My most favorite artist is Hikaru Utada - link to our beloved MusicBrainz I love how Hikaru puts different instruments and sounds into one song and how beautiful the lyrics are.

I also used to make music by myself like this song :slight_smile:

I’m willing to contribute to the Metabrainz’ projects’ code. Right now, I’m setting up the local server in my own pc and looking at issues listed in Jira which have the good-first-bug tag :+1: Most likely I’ll ask for help soon to somebody:)

Thank you


:astonished: Wow, impressive song!! I love the music style, awesome drums bass guitars!
Welcome here, Kurumi.