How to deal with running out of time while working on an edit?

I’ve just completed an edit for a 4 CD set that took a lot of time, so much, in fact, that I felt compelled to enter it all before I was able to thoroughly check for errors, which I wasn’t able to do until the next morning. I’ve found a few that are scattered among the track lists. I’ve had this happen several times before and thought it might be time to ask for help :confounded: The only way I know of to correct those at this point is to cancel the edits and make the corrections, which means redoing three out of four track lists, which I’d rather not do.

Other than leaving the page up on my computer overnight, is there any way to extend the time I have to edit a release?

If not, are there any other ways to address errors found after submitting the edit?

Here’s a link to the edit if that’ll be any help:


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One thing I’d suggest when a bit pressed for time is to just enter one disc, and then enter the other discs separately later on. It should work fine even for non-autoeditors, unless I remember wrongly.

I approved your other new changes, I think. I’ll make a couple more myself :slight_smile:


Here are some other topics in which you could learn some stuff:

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In addition, or maybe not in addition but, rather, in relation to, doing one disc at a time as previously suggested, you can do one section at a time.
Add all of the songs. Review your work. Add all of the artists. Review your work. Add all of the works. Review your work. Or something like that.

It often takes me 8 hours to get a group of edits completed. But I have learned to click the enter button often, even when not finished. Otherwise you will end up losing everything.


The one thing to be aware of. Depending on what kind of information you are adding/correcting, it may not show immediately. It may become an “open” edit, which will not display for a 7 day vote period. That can sometimes be a problem because you open up the edit page and you see wrong information that you want to fix even though it has already been fixed. And then you need to come back on the 8th day to make sure all of the changes were correct - and make more changes that take another 7 days.


Thank you all for your quick answers! Reading them one after the other I found it hard to imagine that I could not have thought of this on my own. I’m so glad this forum is here, with all of you in it to state the obvious when necessary.


Saving editing work in progress is one of the most popular feature request, see MBS-3929. It won’t happen in the foreseeable future, current top priority being the UI redesign, editing UI may come next.


Not actual anymore, but maybe this topic helps too: