Is it possible to save drafts?


I’m adding a big release right now - a CD containing 100 songs in mp3 format -
It’s a lot of work because I have to add a lot of artists in that list. It takes me days to finish it. So it would be really nice to be able to save it as a draft but I can’t find such a feature.

How to deal with running out of time while working on an edit?

It’s a requested feature:

I don’t think it’s possible yet.


I would add all the artists first before adding the CD.


And link each artist to Wikidata or any other at least one page or MB entity so that it does not disappear before you eventually creating your release.


Also see this thread for some ideas:


Well, at least MusicBrainz has a track parser, which allows the user to copy and then save the track list in a text file. This is really good for saving your work.
Maybe add an option to add the Artist ID in the tracklist, if the artist is selected (in green).

For example, instead of
“86. Gata gata - Nek (3:28)”

change the tracklist into:
“86. Gata gata - [A=f0169fbe-1518-4fd5-9861-5f0f6d96f2eb] (3:28)”

“86. Gata gata - [A=Nek,f0169fbe-1518-4fd5-9861-5f0f6d96f2eb] (3:28)”

(At this release)

And then you can save all the work you made in the tracklist