How to correctly handle this?

I’m facing this “issue”.

From Discogs, I see that the track contains a “ghost track” at the end:

But there’s no reference to it on MB:

So if I apply the change, the Length information in my MP3 would be changed to 3:10, right? But the effective length of that track is still 8:32… so I’m confused: what should I do here? Let MB apply the change? Also correct the name of the track on MB (I don’t know if it is written on the track list of the album)?


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I don’t think that the length of your track will be changed in any way. This is just an information about the difference according to the metadata at Discogs/MusicBrainz and the technical length of your existing local track.

Maybe you should have a look if there is another release with two tracks:
One for your 3:10 track and an additional one with the missing 5:22?

BTW: The DiscID show the same length as Discogs. Maybe someone should add the “Ghost Track” accordingly.


Indeed, the length shown in picard is informational only.

This would appear to be a case of a “hidden track” at the end that is not in the printed tracklist: “W Fernandez” is followed by some silence and then if you don’t stop playback you will hear “Una Giornata Uggiosa” (unclear where Discogs gets this title from).

If so, yes the release should be fixed:

  • The track should be changed to indicate both, following the multiple title style “W Fernandez / Una Giornata Uggiosa” (assuming this title is correct).
  • The recording also appears on a compilation album, which may not have the hidden track. Likely a new recording should be created unless the compilation can be checked.
  • The track durations should be set from the disc ID.

The song “Una giornata uggiosa” is originally from Lucio Battisti - Bandabardò just covers it at the end of this live album.
On their official discography page the information is complete - looks like the Discogs entry has simply been copied from here:

So what’s the final verdict on this? Should I follow @draconx steps to correct things?
I was trying to figure it out looking at the information found here:


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Yes, if you know you’ve got the correct release and there’s a hidden track, add it to the track listing. You can also update the track time (ideally from the DiscID which is already attached! Have you done that before?) Nice :+1:


Well - technically is this really a “hidden track”? I wouldn’t think so. It is simply another song in the same track. Of course, the track length should match the real one, IMO - but then again, the track/song title should not be changed, because even on the real back cover of the release, there is only “W Fernandez”…

I’m unsure which way to go :thinking:

It is a hidden track exactly because it is sneakily added to the end of another track without mentioning it :wink:

The recording definitely should be updated to show both track titles. Whether the track listing should be updated seems to be still a matter of debate, or at least it started to get debated. As far as I’m concerned I think we once had a consensus to list hidden tracks and in my experience this is how it is handled most of the time. But others disagree.

See the discussions at



OK - thanks for pointing out the details, I might’ve missed them…

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